Genotyping of Pathogens and Public Health

The platform Genotyping of Pathogens and Public health (PF8 of Pasteur Genopole) provides access to genotyping and genomics technologies for the molecular characterization of pathogenic microorganisms of public health importance.

PF8 is one of the platforms of Instittut Pasteur's Genopole and belongs to the Infection and Epidemiology Department.
It si financially supported by Institut Pasteur and the French "Center for Diseases Control" (Institut de Veille Sanitaire, InVS).


The mission of the platform is to provide scientific and technical support to French surveillance and microbiological expertise laboratories in the field of infectious diseases, for identification, genomics  characterization and molecular typing of pathogens.

Our main collaborating laboratories include the French National Reference Centers (NRCs), the Collaborating Centers of the World Health Organization, other laboratories (such as hospital medical microbiology laboratories and the Laboratory for Urgent Biological Threats (CIBU) of Institut Pasteur.

Areas of activities

The platform's activities are organized around three main areas  :

1) A reactive sequencing and genotyping service dedicated to the surveillance of pathogens which can be mobilized in situations of microbiological emergency.

2) Collaborative research projects in the field of discovery, genomics and molecular epidemiology of pathogens.

3) Research on the biodiversity of emerging pathogenic bacteria

Types of activities

1) Data production (capillary Sanger technology and fragment analysis ; Illumina sequencing ; resequencing microarrays....)

2) Data analysis and interpretation, from the conception to the publication of the results, including biostatistics for data analysis and bioinformatics tools for the international exchange of genotyping data based on MLST, MLVA or CRISPR

3) Training courses are regularly organized and/or provided by the platform

Quality insurance

The platform is committed to a quality control approach.
Our equipment is regularly checked by the Institut pasteur metrological service and traceability of the produced data is ensured.