Head : Philippe GLASER

Assistant Manager : Annie ETIENNE

Institut Pasteur's Genopole gathers high technology equipment and scientific skills for the achievement of projects in the fields of genetics, population genomics, molecular epidemiology, transcriptomics, epigenomics and bio-informatics.

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) has revolutionized the analysis of the genetic information, of micro-organisms to humans. Population genomics of micro-organisms is applied to understand the evolution  of the pathogenic strains. At present sequencing the whole exome is considered as the most efficient method to identify mutations responsible for the susceptibility to diverse diseases and to infections. High throughput transcriptomics combining next generation sequencing and micro-arrays is applied to characterize organism biology under normal or pathological conditions.
Bio-computing is a major component of all these studies.
In collaboration with the CIB (center of Informatics for Biology) the Genopole bio-informaticians develop and emplement specialized computational methods for the analysis of high throughput data.

The four Genopole platforms have been awarded by the GIS IBiSA in 2009 and are partners of the national infrastructure France Génomique.

Genomics   (Head : Christiane BOUCHIER)
- Transcriptomics & Epigenomics   (Head : jean-Yves COPPEE)
- Genotyping of Eukaryotes   (Head : Béatrice REGNAULT)
- Bio-analysis in Genetics   (Manager a.i :Philippe GLASER)

Projects are performed as scientific collaborations with Pasteurian and external research teams or as provisions of services.

The Genopole's activity is supervised by a strategic committee of six scientists and a user's committee consisting of representatives of the ten research departments of Institut Pasteur.