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The work in the Ultrastructural Microscopy PlatForm (PFMU) consists of high resolution ultrastructural analysis aimed at answering scientific questions in collaboration with departments of the Pasteur Institute and with other research centers such as: INSERM, CNRS, Curie Institute, Necker Hospital, National Center of Reference, International network of Pasteur Institutes and laboratories from various Universities. Within these projects, new approaches and technologies are developed and implemented specifically to obtain the best performance when answering specific questions. 

The PFMU proposes different techniques determined for the problem and the constraint of the sample to study.  These are of two types :

  • Room temperature preparation by chemical fixation,
  • Low temperature preparation (high pressure freezing or by immersion).

The analysis of these samples are made by Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) or Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) at room or low temperature .   

At the same time, the PFMU’s staff provides training for these different techniques.

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