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Research and development



The technique CEMOVIS (CryoElectron Microscopy Of VItrous Sections) is a form of electron microscopy (EM) where the sample is studied at cryogenic temperatures (generally liquid nitrogen temperatures).  This technique allows native state sample observations. 

This technique was recently applied at the PFMU, which necessitates a cryo-EM expertise and specific technologies (high pressure freezing fixation,  cryo-ultramicrotomy,  cryoEM). 
For the moment the CEMOVIS is used at the PFMU for observation of structural biological samples which are very difficult to observe by other EM methods.

Electron Tomography

Tomography is a powerfull tool for the study of biological samples because it allows 3D reconstructions. Data collection for electron tomography involves collecting images while tilting the specimen around a single axis.
The TEM Jeol 2010 was recently complemented with new equipement thanks SESAME project.

With future developments, the PFMU will be able to acquire improved tomograms and 3D reconstructions models.