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The Imagopole mission is to develop and apply scientific imaging technologies, in the context of hypothesis-driven experiment frameworks aimed to understand normal biological processes, and their usurpation by disease processes.

To achieve this we propose laboratory facilities harboring a conglomeration of specialized technologies, knowledge and expertise resources for imaging and flow cytometry; live cell dynamics; multi-dimensional and ultra-structural microscopies; and intravital imaging. While serving the specialized needs for imaging methods adapted to studies on infectious disease among researchers at the Institut Pasteur, the Imagopole facilities are also available and suitable for the more diverse needs of academic and commercial users from outside of the campus, who can access our the platforms either through a simple tariff based system, or by scientific collaborations. Consequently, our scientific and technical development activities encompass a broad range of cutting-edge thematic in life sciences research including: molecular & cellular biology of host pathogen infection, cell biology, biochemistry, physiology, immunology, cellular signal transduction & metabolism. Reflecting this gamut our technology development focus is equally broad including: multi-dimensional imaging, correlative light electron microscopy, super-resolution microscopy, dynamic & intravital imaging, molecular dynamic imaging (e.g. FLIM, FRAP, FRET), and high-content analysis and screening. In this context, and at any given time, our structure hosts and/or leads a multiplicity of scientific collaborations, financed at national and international levels.