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PFCF proposes:
  • flow analysis (flow cytometry and/or image cytometry),
  • cell sorting (flow cytometry and/or by magnetic beads).
The PFCF’s staff participates in the development and optimization of these techniques. We also provide individual training.

Our equipment (2 cell sorters, 4 analyzers, 1 magnetic beads sorter) allows high speed sorting, separating 4 sub-cell populations.
The analyzers are complementary equipped to measure the fluorescent signals.

Forty teams, predominantly from the Institut Pasteur benefit from these services (5000 analysis, a hundred general training and / or adapted to the equipment and about 300 sorts per year). The experiments mostly focused on the detection of cell surface markers (between 3 and 9 fluorescences measured simultaneously, depending on the device used), the measurement of calcium flux, the study of cell cycle, FRET and apoptosis.

Depending on the complexity of the device, it is handled by experts or made available to the users after training.

date of last update: 20 juillet 2009