Proteopole / Crystallography / Prestations / Generation of crystallization conditions (Maxtrix Maker)


To refine the conditions of crystallization, the robot Matrixmaker allows to obtain solutions of crystallization on various kind of supports (tubes 50 ml, tubes 15 ml, tube Eppendorf 1.5 or 2 ml, deep-well plaques or 24 wells Greiner plaques for crystallization (for the technique of " hanging drop ").

The Platform proposes sessions of training for the software " CryMon " for the new users. Please write to

At disposal on the Platform : An agitator for Deep-well plaques format, an automatic grease distributor for hanging drop technique and a strip  support to facilitate the distribution of drops.

Procedure of request :

-    Phone to the platform or send a mail to to book a date.
-    If supplementary reagents have to be prepared, contact the responsible or send a mail to
-    Bring the missing reagents to the Platform according to the date.

The costs of the consumable are in charge of the laboratories (See the Tarifs part).