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Application process of crystallization

 Procedure ?

Bring the proteins to the Platform with the form to complete.

The screening is made on the Synquad robot Cartesian (sitting drop method only) or on the Mosquito robot (both sitting or hanging drop).
The Cartesian robot produces only 200 nl drops for the screening.
The Mosquito robots proposes drops from 100nl to 1000 nl.
The plates are sealed and preserved at 18°C in the Formulatrix Robot (with an imaging scheduling) until obtaining crystals.

Once the crystals obtained and after checking that they are protein crystals well (see diffraction of the X-rays), the conditions of crystallization can be refined with the possible assistance of the Matrixmaker robot (see the Matrixmaker service).

Procedure of request for crystallization

1- Download the form on the WEB page (PDF file), complete it and bring it io the Platform with the proteins.

2- Contact the platform  to specify the technical details in particular the buffer of conditioning and concentration of protein to be crystallized.

4- Provide the samples according to the planning. The date has to be booked BEFORE beginning a purification in order to screen the protein as frehly as possible.
The costs of the consumable are in charge of the laboratories (See the Tarifs part).

 Kits available to the Platform

The initial screening is 6 plates of 96 different conditions : 576 different solutions mixture:

Kit Crystal screen1 and  2 -
Hampton - HR2-110 and HR2-112

Link HR2-112:

Kit Wizard 1 and 2 -
Jena Biosciences  - EBS-WIZF

Kit JBS1-4:
Jena Biosciences
JBS Screen 1 bulk     - CS-101L
JBS Screen 2 bulk     - CS-102L
JBS Screen 3 bulk     - CS-103L
JBS Screen 4 bulk     - CS-104L


Kit JBS 5-8:
Jena Biosciences
JBS Screen 5 bulk   - CS-105L
JBS Screen 6 bulk   - CS-106L
JBS Screen 7 bulk   - CS-107L
JBS Screen 8 bulk   - CS-108L

Kit MDL 1 and 2: 
Molecular dimensions
Kit Structure screen 1   - MD1-01
Kit Structure screen 2   - MD1-02

Kit PEGion/CRYO:
PEGion Screen -
Hampton  - HR2-126
Crystal screen CRYO -
Hampton  - HR2-122

Nextal kits:
JCSG Core 1   - 130924
JCSG Core 2   - 130925
JCSG Core 3   - 130926
JCSG Core 4   - 130927

Some other more specific  kits at your disposal :

Additives Hampton -
Hampton  - HR2-428
Kit Salt X-ray HT - 
Hampton - HR2108

Kit Index -
Hampton  - HR2-144

Kit Proplex -
Molecular dimensions    - MD1-38

Kit Natrix -
Hampton  - HR2-116

Kit Memstart/Memsys -
Molecular dimensions  - MD1-04ROWORLD

Kit JBScreen Membrane 1,2,3:
Jena Biosciences
JBScreen membrane 1   - CS-301L
JBScreen membrane 2   - CS-302L
JBScreen membrane 3   - CS-303L
Kit JBScreen Cryo 01 -
Jena Biosciences  - CC-103

Kit MembFac -
Hampton  - HR2-114
Kit memgold -
Molecular dimensions  - MD1-39