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VII - Culture of strains

Culture of freeze-dried bacterial strains

NB: The fundamental rules of manipulation in bacteriology must be applied

Disinfect the ampoule with alcohol and make a small file mark near the narrow part.

Once the ampoule is broken, resuspend its contents with 0.2 ml of nutritive broth (generally in a BHI agar medium) taken with a Pasteur sterile pipette.

Use that suspension to inoculate a suitable solid medium (inoculation of 1 or 2 agar slants only is recommended for subculturing from a freeze-dried culture.

Culture of freeze-dried fungal strains

Once the ampoule has been opened, the fungal lyophilisate should be rehydrated in 0.1 ml of liquid Sabouraud medium and plated on an appropirate solid medium in one or two tubes, as recommended in the catalogue. 
These tubes should be incubated for at least three days at optimal temperature.

Download the fungi strain information (recto)

Download the fungi strain information (verso)

Culture of cyanobacterial strains

As soon as a cyanobacterial strain has been received, a direct transfer is recommended, either in a gelose medium or in a liquid medium, according to the supplied strains and by respecting a lower volume than 50 ml. Cultures with large scales must be inoculated only with dense precultures and in a dilution around 1/20 ( v/v )

Freeze-drying in ampoules
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