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V - II - The Collection of  "Viruses"

Storage of virus strains

Viruses are frozen and stored at (-80°C and -135°C) in two different locations.

Viral nomenclature

Viruses are named according to the following articles: 

1) Büchen-Osmond C. (2003) « Taxonomy and classification of viruses » In: Manual of clinical Microbiology, 8th ed, vol 2, pp. 1217-1226, ASM Press, Washington DC 

2) Fauquet: Virus taxonomy : eighth report of the international committee on taxonomy viruses classification and nomenclature of viruses, Editeurs: A. Ball, C. Fauquet, M. Mayo, J. Maniloff. Academic Press/Elsevier, 2004.

The following informations are provided:

- Scientific name 

- Year
This corresponds to the year in which the virus was isolated 

- Risk group :
The risk groups are based on the list published in the Official Journal of the European Community, Directive 2000/54/CE of the European Parliament and Council dated September 18th 2000.

- CRBIP registration number

The following symbols are used in 
the catalogue data sheet
Strain history
Habitat, location and year of isolation
Corresponding numbers in other collections
Properties of the strain
Particular features of the strain
Taxonomic comments
Growth conditions

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