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Groupe CoSIB 13.12.2007
Staff CoSIB / December 2007

From now on, CoSIB offers a catalogue of bacterial strains which supplement the offer of CIP. In the catalogue, under" Research of bacteria ", check the box "Other bacterial collections", then go to search....


The creation of CoSIB within CRBIP enlarges the range of microorganism strains (bacteria and virus) available to the scientific and industrial communities, by providing access to selections of strains from the collections of the research laboratories of the Institut Pasteur (including the National Reference Centres (NRC)).

The operations cover: the production, control /characterization (including the molecular characterization), conservation, stocking and distribution of these strains to meet the obligatory requirements of Quality Insurance and the regulations in force, especially in matters of security.

CoSIB ' s Perimeter

Contacts within CoSIB

Head of Unit : 
C. Bizet 

Assistant Scientific Manager:
B. Papierok 

Executive and Technical Assistant :
E. Bégaud

Assistant :
A. Beaudeux

Technical Staff:
A.S. Richard
L. Motreff 
J. Vandekerkhove

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Integration ot collections inside the CoSIB's Perimeter

The collections incorporated into CoSIB are selections of stocked strains from the research laboratories of the Institut Pasteur who collaborate with CRBIP. These laboratories grant the right to CRBIP to distribute the strains, after a period of embargo if necessary (until completion of research programmes for example). All the stages concerning the incorporation of these collections are formalized with general and specific procedures linked to them as well as to the operating procedures to be applied to the controls of the integrated biological materials. The resources are produced by a CRBIP technician within the laboratory concerned. The incorporation of the collections into CRBIP is from now fully operational. It requires the following major steps:

- signature of the charter;

- listing the biological materials which present an interest (according to integration criteria);

- definition of the tests required (phenotypic and/or molecular) for the various biological materials and establishment of appropriate operating procedures (every biological material entering CRBIP is systematically controled);

- implementation of quality assurance: an initial inventory of quality system of the laboratory has been established by the CRBIP Quality Coordinator, who drafts a quality action plan to establish "the compulsory minimum quality level " within the laboratory. This quality level is defined according to the requirements of CRBIP according to established quality standards;

The CRBIP technician responsible for production integration and accreditation training courses in the new laboratory. This ensures that the technician has acquired the level of technical competence necessary for the various manipulations and controls of the laboratory concerned.

All the results of the necessary controls are recorded on a bench sheet, validated by the head of the laboratory concerned, then transcribed into the computing support software.

Preservation of biological material and their data

CRBIP has storage facilities (lyophilisates, containers of liquid nitrogen, -80°C and -135°C freezers and refrigerators) to ensure optimal conditions and conservation of the biological material.

All biological material is preserved in two different forms (depending on the material concerned) and in two different places.

During the production stage, several batches are produced from the same biological material: the primary batch, multiplication batches and batches for delivery.

All information on the biological materials of CRBIP are held in a database (ARPAS software) which was especially created for CRBIP and is automatically saved twice a day. Data are transferred onto a second server and kept on magnetic tape in a safe place for two months.

Each biological material has its own file, containing all necessary information.
Official regulations:

Orders are processed by the secretarial and technical assistants in collaboration with the " Purchases and Supplies " Unit of Institut Pasteur. Orders are handled in ARPAS software (printing and delivery of orders, requests for approval etc...). The biological products on the order form are automatically debited from the distribution stock. The dispatch of biological products is in accordance with "Regulations in force"

Client form:

In collaboration with the "Direction Juridique de l’Institut Pasteur", the “conditions for sale” are ”either for a strictly scientific purpose (not charged), or for a commercial purpose”. These conditions appear on the  "Client form", signed by every new client or organisation ordering biological equipment/material from CRBIP.
If necessary, a contract between the "Institut Pasteur" and the purchaser will be drawn up.