CRBIP / General informations concerning the collections

The CRBIP (Biological Resource Center of Institut Pasteur)

Chantal Bizet

The CRBIP preserves collections of biological strains and the information linked to them. A certain number of controls are performed to assure the similarity of the strains with their characteristics (patent rights) coming from the depositor. This information is gathered in a computer database (ARPAS software) and a catalogue which makes easy access of these biological resources for customers and researchers, and maintains an availability and durability for a future use.

CRBIP delivers its biological strains in France and abroad according to the regulations and laws in force on health and environment, so preserving a strong visibility.

Besides CRBIP is permanently growing by inserting new collections and by diversifying the existing ones. Therefore, more and more new strains are becoming available.

Moreover, CRBIP participates in the opening of an international network of BRCs.

The CRBIP has been certified according to the standard ISO 9001 version 2000 since March 2005.

Domain of certification of the CRBIP:

- Acquisition, production, preservation and distribution of biological materials; 

- Management of the related services by the CIP.

CRBIP gathers :

 The open collections :

- CIP "Collection of Institut Pasteur"

- UMIP "Fungi Culture Collection"

- PCC "Pasteur Culture Collection of Cyanobacteria"

- ICAReB "Investigation Clinique et Accès aux Ressources Biologiques"


CoSIB is a microorganisms collection (bacteria and virus) from research laboratories inside Institut Pasteur