Publication and Clinical Research

Publication and Clinical Research

When submitting manuscripts, scientists should comply with the uniform requirements of the major international peer-reviewed journals which include ethical and regulatory considerations.

The ICMJE (International Committee of Medical Journal Editors) recommendations for authors regarding clinical research (including research on biological samples of human origin) are explicit in this matter. They set out the steps that must be completed prior to the launch of a research project: obtaining approval from an Ethics Committee, securing clearance from the competent health authority, and registering each project in an international public database, such as the NIH database in the United States.

Recent experience has confirmed that some international journals will not think twice about turning down a submission if the main author is unable to provide proof that the necessary ethical and regulatory clearance was secured before the research was begun.

To avoid any publication difficulties, the Clinical Research Department (PIRC) could help researchers in dealing with all ethical and regulatory issues before they start their research project.

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