What is Clinical Research?

What is Clinical Research?

Clinical research refers to any research carried out on human subjects for medical purposes. Although it differs from fundamental research, which takes place before any observation and/or intervention on humans, in practice the two are linked.

In the current legislative framework in France, clinical research falls into two categories:

  • interventional” biomedical research, with or without health products (including clinical trials);
  • non-interventional” research, including research on biological samples.

It involves two main players:

  • industry stakeholders, who mainly conduct research on health products;
  • academic stakeholders (such as the Institut Pasteur), who carry out interventional research with or without health products as well as a range of other types of research: research on human biological samples with or without genetics, observational epidemiological research, research on personal data, etc.

The term ‘Clinical Research’ encompasses all these research categories.

The Clinical Research Department (PIRC) is the focal point at the Institut Pasteur
for matters relating to clinical research, as defined above.

The clinical research carried out at the Institut Pasteur includes all categories of research.