Press releases 2012

Retracing the evolutionary history and emergence of tuberculosis January 7, 2013
The Institut Pasteur inaugurates its new center for research on emerging diseases at a ceremony attended by French President François Hollande November 14, 2012  
New Finding Helps Explain Antibiotic Resistance in Staphylococcus aureus
November 5, 2012  
Rooting out the Cause of Blindness in Type 1 Usher Syndrome October 9, 2012  
Malaria Takes a Hit – Two New Molecules Stop P. falciparum in its Tracks  September  27, 2012      
Institut Pasteur and WHO join forces in the fight against epidemics September 14, 2012  
Dormancy of stem cells enables them to remain viable…many days post mortem
June 12, 2012  
Bladder cancer treatment with BCG may be improved with new patient protocol June 6, 2012  
A new optical microscopy approach opens the door to better observations in molecular biology May 16, 2012  
Learning and memory: the role of neo-neurons revealed May 14, 2012  
A new hope in the fight against tuberculosis : an attenuated strain of Mycobacterium tuberculosis offers a better protection than BCG to mice April 19, 2012  
DENFREE: flying towards the efficient control of dengue February 29, 2012  
Two stem-cell subpopulations identified in skeletal muscles February 22, 2012  
Sanofi and the Institut Pasteur Create Four Prestigious Awards to Support Innovative Biomedical Research February 27, 2012  
New cancer target identified? February 24, 2012  
Europe’s united front against emerging viruses February 14, 2012  
Newly characterized dengue virus antibody shows promise February 10, 2012  
New results underline the importance of synaptic genes in autism February 9, 2012  
Launching of the Institut Pasteur in Laos January 23, 2012