Press releases 2010

The brain: light-controlled neo-neurons 15/12/2010   

Stem cells and genetic programming : lessons from fundamental research   17/11/2010   

Identification of the 3D structure of chikungunya virus surface proteins 02/12/2010   

Malaria: a theory disproved - the parasite can develop and persist in the skin  4/10/2010   

Male Infertility : Genetic Cause Identified - 30/09/2010   

Bacteria disseminate resistance even in the absence of antibiotics  29/09/2010   

Tuberculosis: discovery of new genes involved in the parasitism of cells by the tubercle bacillusd - 14/09/2010   

Antipain, antidepressant – an “all-in-one” molecule - 01/09/2010   

 The Total Foundation Steps Up Its Support for the Pasteur Institute, Creating the Françoise Barré-Sinoussi Chair - 16/06/10    

Customized stem cells to help treat leukemia? 
- 15/02/10    

A DNA microarray to detect emerging viruses  - 20/01/10    

The life and death of neurons: how a virus can control everything  - 18/01/10    

Accor and the Institut Pasteur commit to preventing emerging diseases - 18/01/10