Press releases 2007

Buruli Ulcer: New possibilities fir the prevention of the disease -  December 19 
A new candidate vaccine for dengue -  December 12 

How the anthrax bacterium eludes our immune defenses -  December 10

The Chikungunya virus and the Asian tiger mosquito: Inverstigations in the Indian Ocean and France
-  November 14 

Malaria: the importance of the MSP3 candidate vaccine has been confirmed -  November 13 

8 September: First World Rabies Day - September 3  

Leptospirosis: the first virulence gene identified - July 13  

Chikungunya: virus target cells identified
- June 29  

Rabies in the bat
- June 27  

The Institut Pasteur and Cellectis announce the grant of a key European patent covering the use of homologous recombination in eukaryotes
- June 4

Identification of a susceptibility gene for autism
- May 15  

The brain and chronic exposure to nicotine
- May 3 

Cerebral malaria: towards a prognostic test?
- April 25  

Dipsticks for the rapid diagnosis of diarrhoeal diseases - April 18   

AIDS: the cells that stop the virus - April 10  

NIH and Institut Pasteur Extend Collaboration Agreement for HIV-1 Diagnostics - April 4 

Researchers sound the alarm: the multidrug resistance of the plague bacillus could spread  - March 20  

BCG: should clinical trials be reconducted? - March 12 

Aquatic predator insect saliva may protect against Buruli ulcer - February 27 

The virulence of the plague bacillus: a "virus" involved...  - February 15  

New recommendations against a major opportunistic infection: cryptococcosis  - February 6  

The search for a streptococcus B vaccine
  - February 1