A forward-looking strategy

- A scientific strategy, constantly striving for excellence, focused on microbiology and infectious diseases, as well as immunology

- Consolidated openness to the outside world :

            > on a national scale, through agreements and collaboration with its closest partners, among which public research organisms (CNRS - French National Scientific Research Centre, INSERM - French National Institute for Health and Medical Research, etc.), universities, hospitals (Necker, Cochin, etc.), the Institut Pasteur in Lille, the Fondation Mérieux, and also its industrial partners (Aventis Pasteur, Biorad, Procter & Gamble etc.)
            > on an international scale, through the development of the Réseau International des Instituts Pasteur

- A reactive internal organisational structure, with the creation of ambitious cross-disciplinary research programs led by young researchers, the limitation of mandate periods, and greater mobility for the Institut Pasteur personnel

- Preservation of autonomy through a growing commercialization of research results and an increase in patronage-related resources