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Roux, Howard, Cantarini Post-doctoral Fellowships

The Institut Pasteur offers post-doctoral fellowships through the Emile Roux Fund (Pasteur-Roux Fellowship Program) and through the legacies of Ms Irma Howard in memory of her husband Mr Frank Howard (Pasteur-Howard fellowship) and Ms Paola Marchetti-Cantarini in memory of her husband Mr Manlio Cantarini (Pasteur-Cantarini fellowship).

These contracts are for up to two years and are intended to fund a first or a second post-doctoral internship for scientists wishing to extend their training and contribute their expertise to research at Institut Pasteur (Paris). Candidates must have defended their PhD thesis less than 4 years before they take up their fellowship. These contracts can not fund the first post-doctoral internship of a former Institut Pasteur PhD student.  

Candidates must be presented by a head of unit, laboratory, G5 group or platform, with whom the contents of the application should be discussed prior to submission. The unit, laboratory, G5 group or platform structure may present only one candidate per session and fellowships will not be awarded to the same unit, laboratory, G5 group or platform in two consecutive calls for candidates.


- a letter of presentation by the head of unit, laboratory, G5 group or platform;
- a chart depicting the organization of the proposed host lab;
- a full curriculum vitae (max. 2 pages with information on the applicant’s current funding, origin and information regarding other fellowship applications and job applications (e.g. CNRS, INSERM, EMBO, HFSP, Marie-Curie, etc) and the start date of the possible recruitment ;
- a full list of publications ;
- a summary of professional achievements (max. 3 pages) ;
- the research programme proposed by the candidate (max. 3 pages) ;
- a summary of the research programme (15 to 20 lines), including a heading and 5 key words indicating the objectives, the experimental strategy and the feasibility of the project.

A single pdf version of the complete file (in english or in french) and a scanned copy of the candidate’s passport must be emailed to

In addition, candidates should arrange for up to three letters (maximum) of recommendation, including one written by the thesis supervisor and, if applicable, one by the supervisor of the current post-doctoral internship, to be sent directly from recommender to 

Application deadlines

Spring Session: Friday 21st March 2014
Autumn Session: Friday 19th September 2014.

Applications selection

The selection committee will consider both the candidate’s background and experience and the proposed project. The needs of the Institut Pasteur, including strategic priorities, might be taken into account in the final decision.

Decisions will be communicated to candidates and the proposed supervisor approximately 6-7 weeks after the application deadline.

Fellowships reports and publications

The fellow must write a brief (1 page) scientific report after the first year and a report (3 pages) at the end of the second year. Both reports must be sent in pdf version to

The fact that the recipient holds a Pasteur-Roux, Pasteur-Howard or Pasteur-Cantarini Fellowship must be acknowledged in every publication, a pdf copy of which should be addressed to


Specific questions should be addressed to