Office of Industrial agreements

Office of Industrial agreements


The Office of Industrial Agreements has both legal and economic responsabilities

LEGAL Management

  • To provide the General Management with specialized legal assistance on licensing contracts and R&D agreements.
  • To write the legal documents for consulting, to an industrial company.
  • To oversee the execution of these agreements
  • To make sure that all terms of these contracts are respected by both parties involved

FINANCIAL Management

  • The Office of Industrial Agreements controls the budget relating to the commercialization of research results at Institut Pasteur, i.e. licensing activities, research & development contracts and consulting agreements (management of income and costs, financial modeling of on-going negotiations...).
  • It also gives mid-term predictions of the financial flows, based on contracts forecasting.
  • Moreover, the General Management relies on this office to develop tools providing financial analyses that assist in the making of strategic decisions.


In 2010, The Office of Industrial Agreements managed the financial administration of 40.8 millions of euros of income and 6.9 millions of euros of expenses.

Here were the income fractions:

 37.9 millions of euros of royalties coming from licences agreements: 

27.4 millions of euros from patents and know-how licences
10.2 millions of euros from granting outside partners the right to use the name "Institut Pasteur"
2.9 millions of euros of Research & Development contracts
 0.1 million of euros of consulting agreements
0.1 millions of euros generated by scientific and consulting services provision
 0.3 million of euros made with biological material sales to industry mainly for research use

 Following are the list of agreements distrubuted by Office of Industrial Agreement in 2010

16 new contracts Research & Development
22 consultancy agreements
6 new services agreements 
28 new licensed patents
36 know-how or biological material licensing agreements