The Business Development and Technology Transfer Department

The Business Development and Industrial Partnerships Department is to protect and commercialize inventions resulting from the research and development programs of Institut Pasteur.


  • PROTECTION of inventions, of know-how, and of biological material, in close collaboration with the scientists involved.
  • BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT : of the Pasteur trademark and of the applicable research results, through :

             - technology transfer agreements : licensing contracts, Research and Development collaborations, or consulting agreements
            - the creation of start-up companies, which are based on Institut Pasteur's technologies and know-how.
            - the provision of scientific products and services by laboratories within Institut Pasteur to other companies or research organizations.

Income from the commercialization of research results increases in turn the budget allowed to the research units at Institut Pasteur.


The Business Development and Industrial Partnerships Department work in coordination with Institut Pasteur scientists to identify inventions or know-how that have clear potential commercial value, then they protect it and, eventually, commercialize it. The interface with the research teams is provided by the presence, within each research department, of a scientific trained to technology transfer. The efficiency of this Department team comes from the complementarity of its members' skills and knowledge in legal, scientific, marketing, intellectual property, negotiation and financial matters, etc.


  • 507 patents in portfolio - among which 12 patents filed in the course of 2010
  • 1532 protected biological material - among which 45 protected files in the course of 2010
  • 23 ongoing research programs in agreement with an industrial partner in the course of 2010
  • 246 licensing and sub-licensing agreements - among which 70 new ones signed in 2010
  • 22 start-up companies (17 are still actives) including 6 new companies created in 2010
  • 45.1 millions of euros of revenues generated by our exchanges with industry in 2010