Start-Up Companies

Pasteur BioTop, the Business incubator of Institut Pasteur

In december 2000, Institut Pasteur has launched its brand new business incubator with the goal of creating new companies that will exploit the technologies and know-how developed at Institut Pasteur. Within this incubator, which is located on Institut Pasteur campus in the heart of Paris, a number of resources needed for the initiation and launch of the company are put at the disposal of the entrepreneur, including financial, marketing, management and technical support services.

Pasteur BioTop therefore acts as a catalyst in the creation of the company since its missions are to :

  • Detect scientific results that will lead to innovative products or procedures through the creation of a new company
  • Provide an assistance in the launch of start-up companies
  • Provide the mentoring and assistance to entrepreneurs, in all aspects of company creation, albeit, technical, legal, financial, commercial, managerial, etc.
  • Assist the entrepreneurs in locating financing from a variety of public and private sources.

Pasteur ambition is to encourage the creation, the setting-up and the development of biotechnology start-up in the field of scientific division of Institut Pasteur.

Start-up Companies

 HYBRIGENICS (April 1998) 
Identification, selection and validation of high quality therapeutic targets
News chemical entities in oncology

 CELLECTIS (2000) 
CELLECTIS SA was founded in 2000, as a spin-off from the Institut Pasteur. It is the first company to apply the Meganuclease Recombination System approach to in vivo genome engineering. Cellectis is focused on the research and development of novel Meganucleases for genome intervention and provides tools for in vivo site directed recombination.
The company is developing Meganucleases that can target a unique DNA break in vivo, as a fundamentally enabling technology for commercial applications as human therapeutics for genetic and infectious diseases, pharmaceutical discovery, agriculture and industrial biotechnology.

GENTICEL, ex-BT PHARMA (October 2001) 
BT PHARMA is a bio-pharmaceutical company, created in 2001 and spun out from the Institut Pasteur in 2002. The company strives to improve the well-being of people through the development of therapeutic vaccines for infection, dysplasia and cancer provoked by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

 BIOCORTECH (November 2001) 
Core Technologies
• Identification and validation of new molecules modulating the expression and activity of key proteins involved in neuronal function.
• Repair of phenotypic deficits

TEXCELL S.A. (January 2003) 
To provide to Pharmaceutical Industry with tools assays and services in accordance with the international recommendation (EU, FDA-USA, Japanese MHW, WHO and ICH) to help the development of medicinal products.

ANACONDA PHARMA (November 2003) 
Anaconda Pharma ("Anaconda") has developed a proprietary technology platform that allows to discover drugs that inhibit protein/protein interactions ("PPI"). The company has initially applied its technology to develop drugs to treat Human Papillomavirus ("HPV")-related diseases; in particular condyloma (anogenital warts) caused by HPV6 or 11. Anaconda is at the late pre-clinical stage of development of AP611074, its selected drug candidate for the topical treatment of condyloma and is seeking to raise financing to complete Phase I trials. Anaconda originated in The Pasteur Institute ans UC Berkeley and is incorporated and headquartered in Paris, France.

 GENOMIC VISION (April 2004) 
Core Technologies
• DNA – based diagnostic tests
• Discovering new drug targets
• Drug development

Ariana™ Pharma delivers intelligent tools to dramatically improve decision-making in the fields of discovery, development and safety for the pharmaceutical industry. Its KEM® knowledge extraction and management system comprehensively mines data, identifying relations that other systems neglect, and helps scientists take decisions involving a wide range of criteria and objectives.

 COGNIUM (April 2005)
Cognium Systems develops and sells next-generation software systems designed to dramatically improve organization and management of knowledge discovered in the process of biomedical research. Moreover, the software will be extended and applied to solve related problems in other fields, such as medical, legal, and manufacturing. 

 THERAVECTYS (April 2007) 
TheraVectys SA is a biotechnological company founded in November 2006 and located in incubator section of the Pasteur Institute in Paris. TheraVectys is developing new generation of vaccines based on an innovative process, i.e. lentiviral «DNA Flap » vectors. These vaccines are able to target different pathogenic agents (viruses, bacteria, parasites) as well as different types of tumors. The company intends to develop prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines for several human and veterinary applications.
TheraVectys key priorities are to conduct a phase I/II clinical trial in HIV therapeutic vaccination as well as in hepatitis, malaria and melanomas.


 AXENIS (January 2010)
Axenis is a service company using humanized mouse models as preclinical models in immunology, for the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology companies and public research.
The humanized mice are immunocompromised mice grafted with human blood cells for the generation of a human immune system.
The creation of chimeric mice carrying human tissue is an essential tool in the development of effective vaccines (prophylactic or therapeutic), drugs against human’s pathogens and preclinical models in oncology.