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The Institut Pasteur offers a wide variety of Biological Material, all of them being available upon simple request.

If you kave any specific request, or if you are interested in having material that are not listed hereunder, please contact us.
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Identification Inventor Remark / Reference
Calrecticulin antibody P. Lafaye
(DI 02-44)
Application: lupus diagnosis / use as a molecule fusion to permit the cellular penetration of molecules of interest
Rabic glycoprotein antibody (clone D1-25) P. Perrin / N. Tordo
(DI 96-74)
GP IV (CD 36 cluster) antibody (clone FA6-152) L. Edelman
(DI 03-64)
Dale E, Greenwalt et al, Blood, vol 80, n°5 (sept1), 1992: pp 1105-1105 / Legrand C. et al., Platelets (1992)2, 99-105
epitope= glycoprotein GPIV from the CD 36 cluster located on the platelets with a molecular weight of 32000 daltons
Human Il-1 receptor antagonist antibody J.M. Cavaillon
(DI 98-40)
Four antibodies directed against the Vga(A) protein involved in the resistance to streptogramin A among staphylococus strains Chesneau et al
(DI 03-96B)
Anytibody putatively directed against the SlyD protein of Escherichia coli Chesneau et al
(DI 03-97B)
no confirmatory experiment was carried out with a strain devoid of SlyD
Three hybridoma cell lines against proteins induced in human cells treated with interferon
71/10 against the protein kinase PKR
56/3 against the 2-5A synthetase 69 kDa
25/11 against the 2-5A synthetase 100 kDa
A. Hovanessian
(DI 02-08)

Proc. Na+. Acad. Sci. USA, 82, 4341-4345 date 1985
EMBO J. 6, 1273-1280 date 1987
EMBO J. 6, 1273-1280 date 1987

Two yersinia pestis F1 protein antibodies (clone B18-1 and clone G6-18)

S. Chanteau, F. Nato, L. Rahalison
(DI 00-75)

Two anti-Rh[D] human antibodies (clone D1-4D3E11 and clone D7B8-F2-F4) L. Edelman
(DI 92-12)
NDPK antibody (clone 37-6) F. Traincard
(DI 94-04)
Two human IL-1 alpha antibodies (clone 28-9 and clone 2-12) J.C. Mazie
(DI 94-62)
Histamin antibody (clone D22-12) J.C. Mazie  
Two villin headpiece antibodies (clone 10-15 and clone 10-30) J.C. Mazie  
SDF-1 antibody F. Arenzana
(DI 98-17)
Three Vibrio cholerae LPS antibodies (clone B16-5, clone E11-8 and clone F22-30) J.M. Fournier
(DI 02-60)
Three cholera toxin (B subunit) antibodies (clone B11-9, clone D15-8 and clone E5-4) F. Nato
(DI 02-100)
Various HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies    
Identification Inventor Remark / Reference
A humanized mast cell systems for the detection of functional human IgE: use for the detection of anaphylactogenic and anti-anaphylactogenic sustances S. Méchéri
(DI 01-77)
Identification Inventor Remark / Reference
New GFP Neo vector Buckingham
(DI 98-49)
Gene, 1998, 215, 181-189
Plasmid pA1 C3 A4 Luciani-Sentier
(DI 95-35)
Identification Inventor Remark / Reference
Restriction-modification system in Leptospira biflexa clone patoc 1 I. Saint Girons
(DI 01-32)
Type II restriction enzyme (Bfr BI) in Bacteroides fragilis strain BE3 G. Reysset
(DI 98-14)
Identification Inventor Remark / Reference
Culture method for the study of biofilms in continuous flux. Use in the study of bacteria-surface interactions J.M. Ghigo
(DI 03-35)
Visit the genetics of biofilm Laboratory
Identification Inventor Remark / Reference
Novel antobody-based fluorescence biosensor using no additional reagents H. Bedouelle
(DI 99-68 and 99-69)
Renard M, Belkadi L, Hugo N, England P, Altschuh D, Bedouelle H., Knowledge-based design of reagentless fluorescent biosensors from recombinant antibodies.
J Mol Biol. 2002 Apr 26;318(2):429-42.
Development of halide (CL-, I-, Br-) fluxes functional vizualizator for living cells: application to the human glycine. Y. Jacob
(DI 03-39)