Industrial Partnerships


There is no category of science that can be named applied science.
There is science AND the applications of science, bound to each other like fruit to the tree that bears it. 

Institut Pasteur is one of the most prestigious health research institutions in the world, with a century-old focus on infectious diseases and a significant research effort on cancer, immunological, genetic and neuro-degenerative diseases. Over its history, 8 Institut Pasteur researchers have been awarded a Nobel Prize.

Today, our researchers are increasingly interacting with industrial groups. Today, half of our 109 research units interact with outside partners -both institutional and industrial- in different ways: in different ways: research contracts, licensing agreements, provision of products and services, and consulting agreements. These interactions are an important part of our global strategy as two thirds of our fundings have to be of private origin.

Based on the complementarity of its members' skills, The Business Development and Technology Transfer Department operates as a gateway between inside research and outside product development. Its mandate is to protect and promote the results of research undertaken at Institut Pasteur. By reinvesting the income from commercialization into our research programs, the interest of the whole scientific community and, subsequently, public health, are supported.

To meet its goal, The Business Development and Technology Transfer Department's objectives are to encourage the researcher with filing invention disclosures; to deposit and extend the patents with real commercial potential; to protect Institut Pasteur's intellectual property; to emphasize the technology transfer via Research & Development contracts and licensing agreements; to enhance the provision of services and the sale of product; to develop partnerships with pharmaceutical companies; to spin off biotech companies.

This Web site presents an overview of the organization and the activities of The Business Development and Technology Transfer Department.