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April 2nd, 2010

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April 2nd, 2010



Monday June 21st, 2010
2:30 pm-4:00 pm Registration
4:00 pm-4:10 pm Welcome addresses
Tony Pugsley, Scientific Director, Institut Pasteur, Paris
P. Forterre, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France
4:10 pm-5:30 pm


Chairman: P. Forterre and David Prangishvili

Curtis A. Suttle, University of British Columbia, Canada
Deep-amplicon sequencing reveals highly uneven genotypic diversity in natural assemblages of marine viruses

Michael G. Rossmann, Purdue University, USA
The Three Dimensional Structure and Function of Viruses that infect Microbes

5:30 pm
Welcome Reception at Institut Pasteur

Tuesday June 22nd, 2010

9:00 am-10:30 am

9:00 am-9:25 am

9:25 am-9:50 am
9:50 am-10:15 am
10:15 am-10:30 am
10:30 am-10:45 am
Session A-1- Genomics and Molecular Biology

Chairman: Ariane Toussaint

Graham Hatfull, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, USA
Mycobacteriophages: Genomics and Beyond

H.M. Krisch, LMGM IBCG, Toulouse, France
Mobile regulatory cassettes mediate modular shuffling in T4-type phage genomes
Martin Loessner, ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
Cool Tools ! Genomics and Molecular Biology of Bacteriophages as a Prerequisite for Novel Applications
Mickaël Boyer, Faculté de Médecine, Marseille, France
Giant Marseillevirus highlights the role of amoebae as a melting pot in emergence of chimaeric microorganisms
John Cobley, University of San Francisco, San Francisco, USA
The gene, tcpA, is present in all photosynthetic oxygenic bacteria, is involved in photoregulation, and is found in the genomes of marine cyanophages
10:45 am-11:15 am Coffee break and poster session 1
11:15 am-12:30 am
11:15 am-11:40 am
11:40 am-12:05 am
12:05 am-12:30 am
12:30 am-12:45 am
12:45 pm-1:00 pm

Session B-1 - Origin and Evolution

Chairman:Dennis Bamford

Eugene V. Koonin, NCBI, Rockville, USA
The eclectic origin and complex evolution of large nucleo-cytoplasmic DNA viruses of eukaryotes
Valerian Dolja, Oregon State University, Corvallis, USA
Evolutionary relationships between positive-strand RNA viruses of bacteria, mitochondria, and unicellular eukaryotes
Patrick Forterre, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France
The virocell concept
David Karlin, Department of Zoology, Oxford, United Kingdom
Viruses create numerous proteins de novo, which are a treasure trove: the NOVIRPRO project
Matthias G. Fischer, University of British Columbia, Canada
A virophage at the origin of large DNA transposons in eukaryotes
1:00 pm-2:45 pm
Lunch at Institut Pasteur and Poster session 1
2:45 pm-4:20 pm
2:45 pm-3:10 pm
3:10 pm-3:35 pm
3:35 pm-3:50 pm
3:50 pm-4:05 pm
4:05 pm-4:20 pm

Session C-1 - Environment, Ecology, Diversity

Chairman: James van Etten

Keizo Nagasaki, Fisheries Research Agency, Hiroshima, Japan
Molecular ecology of dinoflagellate-infecting viruses
Willie Wilson, Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences
Coccolithoviruses: Life and death after genome sequencing
Elisha Wood-Charlson, University of Hawai'i at Manoa, USA
Physical properties of uncultivated marine RNA viruses
Jessica M. Labonté, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
The oceans are a vast reservoir of previously unknown ssDNA viruses
Debbie Lindell, Technion - Israel Inst. Tech., Haifa, Israel
Genomic island variability facilitates coexistence between marine viruses and their Prochlorococcus hosts as determined from strains resistant to infection
4:20 pm-4:50 pm Coffee break and poster session
5:00 pm-6:10 pm
4:50 pm-5:15 pm
5:15 pm-5:40 pm
5:40 pm-5:55 pm
5:55 pm-6:10 pm

Session E-1 - Technological and Medical Applications

Chairman: Nicholas Mann

Vincent Fischetti, The Rockefeller University, New York,USA
Using What Phage Have Learned to Control Gram-Positive Bacteria
Peter Stockley, University of Leeds, Leeds, United Kingdom
Targeted siRNA Delivery Via RNA Phage Capsids
Hany Anany, University of Guelph, Guelph, Canada
Development of new techniques for immobilization of bacteriophages to control and detect important food-borne pathogens
Thomas W Schoenfeld, Lucigen Corporation, Middleton, USA
High temperature viral replication: insights into gene structure, function and diversity from operons assembled from hot springs viral metagenomes

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

9:00 am-10:30 am
9:00 am-9:25 am
9:25 am-9:50 am
9:50 am-10:15 am
10:15 am-10:30 am
10:30 am-10:45 am

Session D-1 - Virus-Cell Interactions

Chairman: Keizo Nagazaki

James Van Etten, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA
Early events associated with infection by chlorella virus PBCV-1
Irina Arkhipova, Josephine Bay Paul Center, Woods Hole, USA
Distribution and evolutionary history of viral and cellular reverse transcriptases
Antonio Pagarete, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, Plymouth, UK
Functional Genomics of Coccolithophore Viruses
Rozenn M Thomas, Observatoire Oceanologique, Banyuls sur mer, France
Immunity of Mamiellales to Viruses
Assaf Vardi, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
Chemical Arms Race at Sea: The role of sphingolipids in regulating host-virus interactions in marine phytoplankton
10:45 am-11:15 am Coffee break and poster session 1
11:15 am-12:30 am
11:15 am-11:40 am
11:40 am-12:05 am
12:05 am-12:30 am
12:30 am-12:50 am

Session C-2 - Environment, Ecology, Diversity

Chairman: Kenneth M. Stedman

David Prangishvili, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France
A unique virion release mechanism in the Archaea
Mark Young, Montana State University, Bozeman, USA
Archaeal host-virus interactions in Yellowstone’s high temperature environments
Mike Dyall Smith, Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry, Martinsried, Germany
Archaeal viruses from hypersaline environments: looking back and looking forward
Claire Geslin, IUEM, Plouzané, France
Viruses of hyperthermophilic euryarchaeotes isolated from deep-sea vents
12:50 am-2:40 pm Lunch at Institut Pasteur and poster session 1
2:30 pm-4:00 pm
2:40 pm-3:05 pm
3:05 pm-3:25 pm
3:25 pm-3:45 pm
3:45 pm-4:00 pm
4:00 pm-4:15 pm

Session A-2 - Genomics and Molecular Biology

Chairman: Henry M. Krisch

John Johnson, The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, USA
Assembly and maturation of dsDNA bacteriophages: insights into elegantly programmed nanomachines

Petr Leiman, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
Structure of the bacteriophage T4 gp25 - the highly conserved protein of phages with contractile tails
Paulo Tavares, VMS, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
Assembly and Function of Viral Portal Systems for dsDNA Packaging: an Ancient Invention
Lindsay Black, U. Md. Med. Sch., Baltimore, USA
Fluorescence Studies of Portal Control of Viral Procapsid Expansion, DNA Packaging, and DNA crunching by a viral packaging motor
Marie-Agnès Petit, INRA, JOUY EN JOSAS, France
Phage genomes dynamics in the light of their encoded recombinases
4:15 pm-4:45 pm Coffee break
4:45 pm-6:15 pm
4:45 pm-5:10 pm
5:10 pm-5:35 pm
5:35 pm-6:00 pm
6:00 pm-6:15 pm

Session E-2 - Technological and Medical Applications

Chairman: Elisabeth Kutter

Harald Brüssow, Nestlé Research Center, Lausanne, Switzerland
Safety evaluations of a T4 Escherichia coli phage cocktail
Laurent Debarbieux, Institut Pasteur, France
Phage therapy targeting Pseudomonas aeruginosa lung infections
D. Ianelli, Faculty of biotechnology and chair of immunology, Naples, Italy
Phage-resistance as an opportunity in the fight against bacteria
Matti Jalasvuori, Jyväskylä, Finland
Bacteriophages dependent on conjugative plasmids select plasmid-free cells in bacterial populations, causing the loss of drug resistance

Thursday June 24th, 2010

9:00 am-10:30 am
9:00 am-9:25 am
9:25 am-9:50 am
9:50 am-10:15 am
10:15 am-10:40 am
10:40 am-10:55 am

Session B-2 - Origin and Evolution

Chairman: Simon Wain-Hobson

Claudiu Bandea, CDC, Atlanta, USA
The origin and evolution of viruses as molecular organisms: implications for cellular evolution
Jean-Michel Claverie, CNRS-Univ. de la Méditerranée , Marseille, France
New Generation Sequencing unravels the hidden genomic complexity of Mimivirus
Dennis Bamford, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland
Organizing the viral universe – structure leads the way
Arcady Mushegian, Stowers Institute, Kansas City, USA
Genes shared by bacteriophages and viruses of eukaryotes
Karin Moelling, University Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland
Do viruses reflect evolution?
10:55 am-11:25 am Coffee break and poster session 2
11:25 am-12:30 pm
11:25 am-11:50 am
11:50 am-12:15 am
12:15 am-12:40 am

Session A-3 - Genomics and Molecular Biology

Chairman: Graham Hatful

Margarita Salas, Centro de Biologia Molecular, Madrid, Spain
Protein-primed replication of bacteriophage ø29 DNA
Roger Hendrix, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, USA
Jumbo phages and how they got that way
Sankar Adhya, National Cancer Institutes, Bethesda, USA
Polymorphic auto-regulation of CI protein in a Lambda lysogen and different geometric shapes of a DNA loop
12:40 am-2:30 pm Lunch at Institut Pasteur and poster session 2
2:40 pm-4:20 pm
2:40 pm-3:05 pm
3:05 pm-3:30 pm
3:30 pm-3:55 pm
3:55 pm-4:20 pm

Session E-3 - Technological and Medical Applications

Chairman: Revaz Adamia

Daniel De Vos, Queen Astrid Military Hospital, Brussels, Belgium
Bacteriophage Therapy: the Road to Acceptance
David Harper, Biocontrol Limited, Bedford, United Kingdom
The Role of Regulated Clinical Trials in the Development of Bacteriophage Therapeutics
Mzia Kutateladze, Eliava Institute, Tbilisi, Georgia
Experience and perspectives of phage therapy
Andrzej Gorski, Institute of Immunology, Wrocław, Poland
The present and future of phage therapy
4:20 pm-4:50 pm Coffee break and poster session 2
4:50 pm-6:20 pm
4:50 pm-5:15 pm
5:15 pm -5:40 pm
5:40 pm-6:05 pm
6:05 pm-6:20 pm

Session D-2 - Virus-Cell Interactions

Chairman: Paulo Tavares

Rodolphe Barrangou, Danisco, Madison, USA
CRISPR/Cas, the immune system of Bacteria and Archaea
Roger A. Garrett, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Crenarchaeal viral interactions with the host CRISPR/Cas adaptive immune system
Rachel Whitaker, University of Illinois, Urbana, USA
Coevolutionary dynamics among populations of Sulfolobus islandicus and its viruses
Michael Zegans,, Dartmouth Medical School, Hanover, USA
Altered bacterial group behavior of Pseudomonas aeruginosa by interaction between bacteriophage DMS3 and host CRISPR region.
7:30-10:00 Gala Dinner at Musée d'Orsay

Friday June 25th , 2010

9:00 am-10:30 am
9:00 am-9:25 am
9:25 am -9:50 am
9:50 am-10:15 am
10:15 am-10:40 am
10:40 am -10:55 am

Session C-3 - Environment, Ecology, Diversity

Chairman: Mark Young

Forest L Rohwer, San Diego State University, San Diego, USA
The Human Virome
Markus Weinbauer, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Villefranche-sur-Mer, France
Viruses in the dark ocean: diversity, ecology and biogeochemistry
Corina Brussaard, NIOZ, Den Burg, Netherlands
Viral lysis of microbes in the oceans and its ecological implications
Martha Clokie, University of Leicester , Leicester, United Kingdom
Ecological insights from bacteriophage genomes; from the ocean to the human gut
Yves Desdevises, Obser. Océanologique, Banyuls S/Mer, France
Phylogenetic analyses of new prasinovirus genomes: gene origin, evolutionary interactions with hosts, and lateral gene transfer
10:55 am-11:25 am Coffee break and poster session 2
11:25 am-12:20 pm

Open forum

Chairman: Denis Bamford and Curtis Suttle

Forum on Viral Genome Annotation

Forum on Viruses of  Microbes Scientific Society

Forum on Viruses of Microbes Next Meeting

12:20 pm-2:00pm Lunch at Institut Pasteur and poster session 2
2:00 pm-3:55 pm
2:00 pm-2:25 pm
2:25 pm-2:50 pm
2:50 pm-3:15 pm
3:15 pm-3:55 pm

Session A-4 - Genomics and Molecular Biology

Chairman: Hans-Wolfgang Ackermann

Sherwood Casjens, U. of Utah School of Medicine, Salt Lake City, USA
Diversity and evolution of the virion assembly genes of the lambdoid phages
Rob Lavigne, K.U.Leuven, Heverlee, Belgium
Diversity and applications of Pseudomonas phages
Philip Serwer, The U. of TX Health Sci. Ctr., San Antonio, USA
Novel phage genome, structure and behavior
Heather Allison,University of Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom
Stx phage mosaicism: lessons learned from genome sequencing
3:55 pm-4:25 pm Coffee break and poster session 2
4:25 pm-5:55 pm
4:25 pm-4:50 pm
4:50 pm-5:15 pm
5:15 pm-5:40pm
5:40 pm-5:55 pm

Session D-3 - Virus-Cell Interactions

Chairman: Félix Rey

Lucienne Letellier, IBBMC, Orsay, France
Deciphering the first steps of infection of E.coli by the Syphoviridae phage T5: from in vitro to in vivo
Ryland Young, Texas A&M University, College Station, USA
Lysis: when and where
Ian Molineux, University of Texas, Austin, USA
The first steps of infection by T7-like phages
Abram Aertsen, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Leuven, Belgium
Novel encounters between phage P22 and Salmonella Typhimurium
5:55 pm-7:00 pm Goodbye party