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February 1st, 2008

March 28th, 2008

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theme of the conference

Genomes 2008 is of the latest in a series of meetings including Genomes 2000 (Institut Pasteur, Paris), Genomes 2004 (Hinxton, Cambridge, UK), Microbial Genomes 2007 (Hinxton, Cambridge, UK), and the ASM-TIGR Microbial Genome Conferences (USA).

Microbial genomics is at the core of the scientific challenges we will have to meet in the 21st century with respect to emerging diseases, health and food science and sustainable development. Throughout the world, about 2200 genome projects are currently in progress. This impressive scientific knowledge is now further expanding as a wealth of genomics-enabled technologies in a large variety of research domains become available, ranging from sequencing and array technologies to informatics and to the analysis of host-pathogen interactions . In addition, Metagenomics and Systems B iology are expanding rapidly, promising to bring further advances. It will thus be an exciting time to bring together researchers and companies working on various aspects of the genomics field.

The emphasis of the meeting will be comparative analyses of pathogenic and environmental microbes, functional genomics, computational genomics and systems biology in the light of the new technological developments. Genomics has also dramatically changed studies concerning the interaction of microorganism s with their environment or, for pathogens, symbionts or commensals, their host. The newest results in this field will also be discussed.