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Spirit of these seminars

The main purpose of these seminars is to deepen the dialog between biologists, algorithmicists, computer scientists, mathematicians and statisticians. The idea is that they may in the long run foster collaborations between the diverse communities and help establish small, regularly meeting, working groups. Whenever possible, we shall therefore allow as much time for questions and discussions, both during and after the presentations, as for the talks themselves. The times indicated for each series of seminars serve thus only as an indication and will not be always strictly respected. This will be done so as to preserve a maximum of flexibility while studying the various topics we shall be treating over successive series. Some of these topics may be considered many times.

An active participation of all, both to the seminars and to their organization, is strongly encouraged. Those wishing to make suggestions or criticisms (concerning past or future seminars, as well as the contents of this page) may also send a mail to the address indicated here

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There are no registration fees and the seminars are open to all. However, in order to allow us to better organize the event (perhaps change the room where it will take place if this proves necessary), we ask all of those interested in attending to tell us of their intention as soon as possible.

As happened last time, we shall organize a diner on the night of the first or second day. The price you may expect to pay will be roughly the same as in previous encounters. It will be given with the schedule for the series. Again, we ask you to tell us whether you care to join us for this meal so that we can book an approximate number of places at the restaurant of our choice.

Information concerning the lunches will be given in the first morning.

The answer to the points mentioned above should be sent to the same address as previously

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The seminar will resume again

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Address for answers
suggestions and criticisms

Marie-France Sagot
Laboratoire d'Algorithmique Combinatoire
Institut Pasteur
28, rue du Dr. Roux
75724 Paris CEDEX 15
tel. : 01 40 61 34 61
fax : 01 40 61 30 80
email :

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