Family Spiraviridae




Species : Aeropyrum coil-shaped  virus, ACV ; circular single-stranded DNA 5,278 bp, EMBL database sequence acc. no. HE681887




The ACV virions differ in their appearance depending on the electron microscopy technique used for their observation. Negatively stained virions observed with TEM appear as rigid circular cylinders with short appendages at both ends (Figs. A and B).

Virions embedded in vitreous ice appear more flexible than the negatively stained virions (Figs. C and D).


The analysis of partially disassembled virions allowed to suggest that the virion cylinder is hollow and formed from a coiling nucleoprotein filament:





Schematic representation of different levels of organization of the circular ACV nucleoprotein. The two halves of the circular nucleoprotein (A) intertwine with each other and form a nucleoprotein filament (B), which is condensed into the helical coil of the virion (C).




Mochizuki, T., M. Krupovic, G. Pehau-Arnodet, Y. Sako, P. Forterre, and D. Prangishvili. 2012.  An archaeal virus with exceptional virion architecture and the largest single-stranded DNA genome. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 109, 13386-1391.


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