Family Fuselloviridae



Species :

- Sulfolobus spindle-shaped virus 5, SSV5; circular double-stranded DNA 15,33 bp, sequence acc. no. EU030939

- Sulfolobus spindle-shaped virus 6, SSV6; circular double-stranded DNA 15,684 bp, sequence acc. no. FJ870915.1

- Sulfolobus spindle-shaped virus 7, SSV7; circular double-stranded DNA 17,602 bp, sequence acc. no. FJ870916

- Acidianus spindle-shaped virus 1, ASV1; circular double-stranded DNA 24,186 bp, sequence acc. no. FJ870917




The virions are spindle-shaped for SSV5 and SSV7, and pleomorphic for SSV6 and ASV1, exhibiting a wide range of morphotypes varying  from the standard spindle-shape to an elongated sausage shape. Spindle-shaped virions have multiple thin filaments attached to one of the pointed ends (white arrows); the pleomorphic virions have thick short filaments, forming a crown around the virion tip (black arrows). Scale bars, 200 nm.


Redder, P., X. Peng, K. Brügger, S. A. Shah, F. Roesch, B. Greve, Q. She, C. Schleper, P. Forterre, R. A. Garrett, and D. Prangishvili. 2009. Four newly isolated fuselloviruses from extreme geothermal  environments reveal unusual morphologies and a possible inter-viral recombination mechanism. Environ.  Microbiol. 11, 2849–2862.

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