Family Bicaudaviridae



Species : Acidianus two-tailed virus, ATV; circular double-stranded DNA 62,730 bp, sequence acc. no.EF432053





The virion exists in two conformations. When released from the host cell, it is lemon-shaped with an overall length of 250 to 300 nm and a diameter of 110 to 120 nm (Fig.b,c). Specifically at temperatures above 75°C, an appendage protrudes from each of the pointed end of the virion and the lemon-shaped virion body shrinks (Figs.d-h). In fully developed particles it measures 110 to 180 nm in length and 70 to 100 nm in width. The two tails at each pointed have variable length and a maximum length of the whole particle reaches about 1 µm. Protrusion of tails does not require the presence of host cells, an exogenous energy source and any cofactors. The only requirement is a temperature in the range of host growth, above 75°C.


Häring M., G. Vestergaard, K. Brügger, R. Rachel, R. A. Garrett, and D. Prangishvili. 2005. Independent virus development outside a host. Nature 436, 1101-1102.


Prangishvili, D., G. Vestergaard, M. Häring, R. Aramayo, T. Basta, R. Rachel, and R. A. Garrett, R. A. 2006. Structural and genomic properties of the hyperthermophilic archaeal virus ATV with an extracellular stage of the reproductive cycle. J. Mol. Biology 359, 1203-1216.

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