Yamir Moreno



Dynamics of Interacting Diseases


Abstract: We present a model for the description of the simultaneous spreading of two interacting pathogens on the same host population through interdependent contact networks. The model is based on a heterogenous mean-field approach to describe the critical properties of the dynamics as well as an adequate framework for the temporal description of coupled out of equilibrium outbreaks. The proposed approach allows to analytically derive the epidemic thresholds of the diseases modeled, explicitly addressing the influence on each threshold of aspects such as the prevalence of the conjugate disease, the system size, the architecture of the networks of contacts and the appearance of eventual correlations between them. Overall, our findings provide deep insights into what are the key mechanisms that drives the evolution of interacting diseases and secondly, they pave the way for the development of quantitative, data-driven models for the detailed characterization of concurrent and interacting diseases.

Mis à jour le 20/10/2014