Publications 2011-2012


J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2012 134 :20533–20543
Ordered Phosphorylation Events in Two Independent Cascades of the PTEN C-tail Revealed by NMR
Cordier F, Chaffotte A, Terrien E, Préhaud C, Theillet F-X, Delepierre M, Lafon M, Buc H, Wolff N.

Sci Signal
. 2012 Aug 14; 5(237):ra58. doi: 10.1126/scisignal.2002941.
Interference with the PTEN-MAST2 interaction by a viral protein leads to cellular relocalization of PTEN.
Terrien E, Chaffotte A, Lafage M, Khan Z, Préhaud C, Cordier F, Simenel C, Delepierre M, Buc H, Lafon M, Wolff N.

J Biol Chem. 2012 287:26932-26943.
Role of the Iron Axial Ligands of Heme Carrier HasA in Heme Uptake and Release.
Caillet-Saguy C, Piccioli M, Turano P, Lukat-Rodgers G, Wolff N, Rodgers KR, Izadi-Pruneyre N, Delepierre M, Lecroisey A.
PLoS Pathog. 2012 May;8(5):e1002700.
Hydrophobins-unique fungal proteins.
Bayry J, Aimanianda V, Guijarro JI, Sunde M, Latgé JP.
Biomol NMR Assign. 2012 Mar 14.
(1)H, (13)C and (15)N resonance assignments of the periplasmic signalling domain of HasR, a TonB-dependent outer membrane heme transporter.
Malki I, Cardoso de Amorim G, Simenel C, Prochnicka-Chalufour A, Delepierre M, Izadi-Pruneyre N.
Biochim Biophys Acta. 2012 Mar;1824(3):478-87.
Solution structure of native and recombinant expressed toxin CssII from the venom of the scorpion Centruroides suffusus suffusus, and their effects on Nav1.5 Sodium channels.
Saucedo AL, Del Rio-Portilla F, Picco C, Estrada G, Prestipino G, Possani LD, Delepierre M, Corzo G.

Biochimie. 2012 Feb;94(2):461-70
Pharmocological and structural characterization of long-sarafotoxins, a new family of endothelin-like peptides : role of the C-terminus
Mourier, G., Hajj, M., Cordier, F., Zorba, A., Gao, X., Coskun, T., Herbet, A. , Marcon, E., Beau, F., Delepierre, M., Ducancel , F., Servent, D.


Glycobiology  (2011) 21:109-121
Effects of backbone substitutions on the conformational behavior of Shigella flexneri O-antigens :implications for vaccine strategy.
Theillet, F-X., Simenel, C., Guerreiro, C., Phalippon, A., Mulard, L.A., Delepierre, M.

Glycobiology  (2011) Dec;21(12):1570-9
Dynamic aspects of antibody :oligosaccharide complexes characterized by molecular dynamics simulations and STD-NMR.
Theillet, F-X., Frank, M., Vulliez-Le-Normand, B., Simenel, C., Hoos, S., Chaffotte, A., Belot, F., Guerreiro C., Nato, F., Phalippon, A., Mulard, L.A., Delepierre, M.

Molecular Microbiology (2011) 81(3):705-716.
Biogenic ammonia modifies antibiotic resistance at a distance in physically separated bacteria.
Bernier, SP, Letoffe, S., Delepierre, M., Ghigo, JM.

Synthesis (2011) 6:934-946
On the Knorr Synthesis of 6-Bromo-4-methylquinolin(1H)-one.
Wlodarczyk, N., Simenel, C., Delepierre, M., Barrale, J-C, Janin, Y.

Structure (2011) 19(10):518-1524
Peptides targeting the PDZ domain of PTPN4 are efficient inducers of glioblastoma cell death.
Babault, N., Cordier, F., Lafage, M., Cockburn, J., Haouz, A., Prehaud, C., Rey, FA, Delepierre, M., Buc, H., Lafon, M., Wolff, N.
PloS Pathogens (2011) 7(11):e1002372
Galactosaminogalactan, a new immunosuppressive polysaccharide of Aspergillus fumigatus.
Fontaine, T., Delangle, A., Simenel, C., Codeville, B., Van Vliet, S., Bozza, S., Poretti, S., Schwarz, F. , Aebi, A., Delepierre, M., Romani, L., Latge, J-P.

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