Post-doctoral position on immunobiology of anaphylaxis (allergic shock)

Postdoctoral position (starting Fall 2014).

Immunology/Allergy Biology


Bruhns laboratory

Unit of Antibodies in Therapy & Pathology, INSERM Unit 760

Department of Immunology

Institut Pasteur

Paris, France


In the frame of the ERC-funded project “MyeloSHOCK”, a postdoctoral position is available for studies in the immunobiology of anaphylaxis (allergic shock), particularly the in vivo mapping of the initiation and propagation of this systemic reaction. Studies will employ mouse models of anaphylaxis combined with imaging approaches, and will be validated by human biosamples from clinical studies on anaphylaxis.


Candidates should have a high-level publication record, and expertise in either imaging or in vivo experimentation. A high degree of scientific and technical independence will be expected. A background in Immunology/Allergy is not required but would be a plus. The postdoctoral fellow will join a highly collegial laboratory group with full access to the research resources and intellectual environment of the Institut Pasteur.


If interested, please send an email stating your motivation, as well as your CV & 2-3 references (with full contact information) to:


Pierre Bruhns, PhD



Lab website:

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