Innovative antiviral approaches against RSV and rabies virus

Post-doctoral position in the Viral Genomics and Vaccination Unit (Institut Pasteur) : innovative antiviral approaches against RSV and rabies virus



Within a research program that involves three laboratories of the Institut Pasteur (Paris), a post-doctoral position is available for a two-year period in the team of the program leader, Dr. Nicolas Escriou (Viral Genomics and Vaccination Unit = VGVU, Head : Dr Frédéric Tangy). VGVU (UMR-CNRS 3569) develops innovative therapeutic and prophylactic strategies based on the understanding of functional virus-host interactions as well as on the characterization of virulence determinants and their role in pathogenesis. The objective is translational to identify novel antiviral compounds and to develop recombinant vaccines based on the measles vector platform, notably
against AIDS and respiratory viruses.


The program aims at developing innovative antiviral approaches against respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and rabies virus (RABV) by disrupting virus/virus and/or virus/host protein interactions, with a specific targeting towards the replication complex. The position is funded by the Institut Pasteur to implement new integrative approaches and identify novel inhibitory molecules.


The post-doctoral fellow will contribute to the construction of highly diverse monochain antibody libraries and their screening in infected mammalian cells. He/She will further validate and characterize the antiviral properties of the hits. He/She will interact with each of the program teams and campus core facilities, and will carry out experiments in BSL2 and BSL3 research facilities.



We are looking for enthusiastic, highly motivated candidates, with a solid background in molecular virology. Prior experience with lentiviral vectors, high throughput screening, cell cytometry or in the study of protein interactions, although not mandatory, will be an asset. The candidate should be available from January 1st 2014.



Net salary: around 2,000 Euros per month, depending upon experience.



Please send full CV including research interests and 2 or 3 references with contact information to: Dr. Nicolas Escriou ( no later than November 25th 2013.

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