Pasteur course: Frontiers in Biological Psychiatry




This one-week course presents a combination of lectures and tutorial sessions to guide participants through methodological approaches and most up-to-date openings in psychiatry.


Exciting advances in Neurosciences and Genomics are transforming research in Psychiatry into a highly dynamic fast-moving field. The next 10-year period is likely to be “the decade of psychiatric disorders as research on mental illness is reaching an inflection point where insights from neuroscience and genetics will transform our understanding of psychiatric disorders” (Peter Campbell, Nature Editor)These developments should allow better understanding of the origins and biological mechanisms of complex diseases such as depression, schizophrenia, addiction, and other psychiatric disorders. They are also leading to the redefinition of the boarders between disorders and are opening novel prospects for treatment and prevention.


The FBP Course gathers a team of international experts in both clinical psychiatry and basic research in neuroscience, genetics, and development.


Topics of morning lectures include:

- What is the future of nosography in psychiatry ?

- Contributions and challenges of genetics in psychiatry.

- How can rodents be used as translational models in psychiatric disorders ?

- From cellular and animal models to gene therapy.

- Functional imaging: neuronal circuits in action.

- Environment and psychiatric disorders: a focus on childhood trauma.

- Lon-time effects of infantile stress

- Treatable autoantibodies-mediated psychiatric disorders

- Neural circuitry of social and predator fear


Topics of afternoon tutorials include:

- How to identify phenotypes common to different disorders?

- Use of neuropsychology tests and behavioral scales.

- How to identify and confirm the role of a mutation?

- Scoring animal behavior, analysis in humans, conductance tests, evoked sensory potentials.

- Analysis of optogenetics experiments.

- Identification of areas of interest on brain images.

- Epigenetic modifications.

- Connectomics and neuronal networks.


Download the program of the Frontiers in Biological Psychiatry course  - 2015-2016 Academic year


Course poster 2016


Expected attendants are clinicians and researchers in their early training. The committee of the course will evaluate applications.

*In order to encourage the participation of young clinicians and fellows, applicants will be considered even in the absence of recommendation letters.



Members of the Course Committee: 


B. Bouchard (Bio-Psy Executive Director),

P. Gaspar (Institut du Fer à Moulin),

J-A. Girault (Bio-Psy Director),

S. Jamain (Institut Mondor de Recherche Biomédicale),

U. Maskos (Institut Pasteur),

M. Nosten-Bertrand (Institut du Fer à Moulin),

V. Ponticelli (Institut Pasteur),

M. Sala (Institut Pasteur),

H. Waxin (Institut Pasteur).



Practical information


Title of the course

Frontiers in Biological Psychiatry


Patricia Gaspar

Institut du Fer à Moulin



Marika Nosten-Bertrand

Institut du Fer à Moulin



Stéphane Jamain

Institut Mondor de Recherche Biomédicale



Uwe Maskos

Neurobiologie intégrative des systèmes cholinergiques

Institut Pasteur

Language English
Participants 20
Duration one week
Dates July 3-7, 2017
Closing date for application May 11, 2017


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