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  • 30mai

    Conférence | 30.05.2016 08:45 au 31.05.2016 18:00

    Lieu : Hors de l'Institut Pasteur

    Communication among complex microbial populations and their host

    This international symposium entitled "Communication among complex microbial populations and their host"  will gather some of the best leaders interested in the emerging field of deciphering the mechanisms that define and  maintain the balance of complex, multi-species, microbial populations in different environments and niches from humans to plants.

    Free admission, places are limited

  • 09juin

    Conférence du Conseil Scientifique | 09.06.2016 | 16:30 à 17:30

    Lieu : A l'Institut Pasteur

    Phylogenomics and the Tree of Life: progresses and challenges

    Simonetta GRIBALDO

    Unité de Biologie Moléculaire du Gène chez les Extrêmophiles

    Grand Amphithéâtre de l'Institut Pasteur, bâtiment Duclaux

  • 17th International Conference on Oxidative Stress Reduction 13juin

    Congrès | 13.06.2016 07:45 au 15.06.2016 18:15

    Lieu : A l'Institut Pasteur

    17th International Conference on Oxidative Stress Reduction, Redox Homeostasis and Antioxidants

    This conference focuses on the role of antioxidants as modulators of redox signaling pathways rather than players that counteract oxidative stress. Indeed, antioxidants affect cells signaling provided by redox processes. Mitochondria constitute localized signaling domains and produce reactive oxygen species, ROS (i.e. superoxide and hydrogen peroxide), which are signaling molecules generated by the respiratory chain.

  • 14juin

    Conférence | 14.06.2016 14:00 au 17.06.2016 13:30

    Lieu : A l'Institut Pasteur

    EMBO Conference: Problems of Listeriosis ISOPOL XIX Conference

    The bacterium Listeria monocytogenes is responsible for severe food-borne infections that affect immunocompromised individuals, new born babies, elderly and pregant women. Mortality due to listeriosis is still close to 30%. Contamination by this organism leads to food recalls from the market. Listeria is also of veterinary imortance. Strikingly, three decades of molecular, and cellular studies have in addition raised Listeria among the best models in infection biology.

  • EMBO Workshop “Membrane Fusion in health and Disease” 20juin

    Workshop | 20.06.2016 16:00 au 24.06.2016 16:30

    Lieu : A l'Institut Pasteur

    EMBO Workshop “Membrane Fusion in health and Disease”

    The EMBO Workshop “Membrane Fusion in health and Disease” will cover all aspects of the membrane fusion in eukaryotic organisms. From fusion of organelles within cells, of vesicles with the plasma membrane to release neurotransmitters or other signals,  fusion of enveloped viruses to infect a cell, all the way to fusion between cells during fertilisation or during organogenesis. Despite the wide range of processes involving membrane fusion, the molecular mechanisms by which dedicated proteins induce fusion are very similar.

  • 18juil

    Conférence | 18.07.2016 09:00 au 22.07.2016 13:45

    Lieu : A l'Institut Pasteur

    22th International Round Table on Nucleosides, Nucleotides and Nucleic Acids

  • 19sep

    Conférence | 19.09.2016 14:00 au 23.09.2016 17:00

    Lieu : A l'Institut Pasteur

    EMBO conference Tuberculosis 2016 Paris

    The EMBO conference "Tuberculosis 2016: Interdisciplinary research on tuberculosis and pathogenic mycobacteria" to be held this year from 19-23 September in the CIS of the Institut Pasteur, will focus on new biological insights and scientific advances on tuberculosis-causing and related pathogenic mycobacteria, and how this knowledge might be used to cope with the enormous problems that pathogenic mycobacteria cause for millions of people today.

  • 14nov

    Colloque | 14.11.2016 09:00 au 15.11.2016 17:30

    Lieu : A l'Institut Pasteur

    Engineering the embryo beyond Systems Biology

    Our aim is to bring together scientists from different disciplines but with a shared interest in design principle of living systems, to discuss the possibility of engineering signal and transcription factor circuits to steer cells into particular lineages, tissues and organs in culture with the efficiency and precision of an organism.

  • 29nov

    Colloque International | 29.11.2016 09:00 au 02.12.2016 18:00

    Lieu : A l'Institut Pasteur

    Symposium scientifique international - Réseau International des Instituts Pasteur 2016

    L’édition 2016 du Symposium scientifique du réseau international des Instituts Pasteur sera déroulera du 29 novembre au 2 décembre sur le campus parisien. Intitulé «From basic science to biomarkers and tools in global health» cet évènement annuel portera sur tous les aspects de la recherche, fondamentale, clinique ou opérationnelle, nécessaire pour identifier et développer de nouveaux biomarqueurs avec des applications potentielles pour la santé.


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