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  • EMBO Conference on Innate Lymphoid Cells 2014 à l'Institut Pasteur 29sep

    Conférence | 29.09.2014 10:00 au 01.10.2014 10:00

    Lieu : A l'Institut Pasteur

    EMBO Conference on Innate Lymphoid Cells 2014

    The study of Innate Lymphoid Cells (ILCs) is a strong emergent field in immunology that is having a major impact on our understanding of the early events unfolding during an immune response. While subsets of ILCs (NK cells, LTi cells) have been recognized for more than 10 years, the realization that ILCs constitute a larger family that mirrors the activity of differentiated T cells has only become apparent in the last few years.

  • CILIA 2014 18nov

    Conférence | 18.11.2014 09:00 au 21.11.2014 18:00

    Lieu : A l'Institut Pasteur

    CILIA 2014

    This meeting follows on from the successful Cilia 2012 meeting that was held in London in May 2012. It is being organised by 4 European cilia networks: GDR CIL (France), the Ciliopathy Alliance, the Nordic Cilia & Centrosome Network (Scandinavia) and the EU-FP7 SYSCILIA programme.

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