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Course in informatics for biology 2008


In the series of courses offered at the Pasteur Institute, a course will be offered in informatics in biology. The next session will take place from the 7th of January to the 25th of April 2008. The course description is attached.

The courses at Pasteur Institute are organized with the collaboration of the Parisian scientific university, Paris VII "Denis Diderot". The diplomas delivered to students of these courses are considered as university degrees (Diplôme Interuniversitaire, or DIU).

Course "Informatics in biology" Description

The main goal of this course is to provide researchers in biology an initial exposure to informatics. Admitance in the course is reserved for those with a degree in biology or a related discipline.

With more and more bioinformatics tools available, it becomes increasingly important for researchers in biology to be able both to manage their data, implement their ideas, and judge for themselves the usefulness of new algorithms and software.

This course will emphasize fundamental aspects of computer science and apply them to biological examples. Theoretical aspects (algorithm development, logic, problem modeling and design methods), and technical applications (databases and web technologies) that are relevant for biologists will be thoroughly discussed.

Programming is presented through the object-oriented paradigm, using a modern high-level language, Python, provided with tools for biology and enabling both prototyping or scripting and the building of important software systems. Learning of additional languages (C) will be available.

Some topics, such as computational biology topics, will be presented by invited speakers.

Learning during the course will be reinforced with computing exercises and effective training will be provided by a 2 month research project.


Introduction to programming (Python) 108h
Algorithms, logic, problem modelling, computational biology 63h
Second programming language (C) 36h
Databases (PDF) 27h
Web (architecture, protocols, languages, Web site design, XML, distributed programming) 36h
Unix, software installation, system architecture 27h
Project 132h
Total 429h
See detailed schedule
here (in french).

Members of the Teaching Committee


Head of Studies


Catherine Letondal Introduction to programming (Python) -- course
Benno Schwikowski, Christophe Pajault (CNAM), Stéphane Vialette (LRI) Algorithms, logic, problem modelling, computational biology -- course
Jean-Philippe Tamby (INRA), Olivier Perin, Victoria Dominguez (INRA), Ghislaine Guigon Programming practicals
Bertrand Néron, Nicolas Roussel (INRIA/LRI) Graphical Programming
Cosmin Saveanu Projects
Franck Quessette (Univ. Versailles Saint-Quentin) Programming (C)
Hervé Ménager Web
Laurent Mouchard, Stéphane Descorps-Declère Databases
Aurélien Tabard (LRI), Catherine Letondal Design
Mathias Vandenbogaert, Stéphane Bortzmeyer (AFNIC) Unix, software installation, system architecture

Informations and registration


Registration is mandatory via the committee of courses. The working language of the course is French.

To register for the 2008 session, please go to this online form. online form.

Registration will be closed on October 15 2007.

For further information:

Registration fees

There is a registration fee of approximately 460 euros (aproximately $US 500), depending on the status of the student. Please ask for further information to the secretary of the Learning Center.


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