Pasteur course: 4th Advances in Stem Cell Biology





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This two-week course combines lectures and practical sessions that incorporate leading edge technologies to address questions in stem cells biology in the context of organogenesis and regeneration in different organisms. 


This course is intended for research scientists and PhD students who already have laboratory experience and a good knowledge (equivalent to a Master level) in developmental and cell biology. It provides a wide scope of how stem cells have adopted strategies to effect organogenesis and regeneration in different organisms. 


The practical part covers methods and techniques that will allow participants to reproduce state of the art technologies in their own research activities. Leading-edge approaches in identification, derivation, analysis and imaging of stem cells will be presented. Distinct model systems and organisms have been chosen to expose the participants to the advantages and challenges in each paradigm, and to provide added insights into the biology of stem cells. The models include mouse, zebrafish, chick, Drosophila, ES and iPS cells. 


Lectures will be presented by selected speakers who investigate not only stem cells but also use innovative technologies.


Networking and discussion opportunities will be enhanced by the convivial formal and ad hoc discussion sessions in the teaching facilities.


Download the program of the Advances in stem cell biology course - 2015-2016 Academic year


Travel assistance : a limited number of bursaries are available for travel assistance. Contact Vania ROSAS MAGALLANES.


The committee of the course will evaluate applications.


Members of the Course Committee


M. Cohen-Tannoudji (Institut Pasteur),
G. Comai (Institut Pasteur),
A. Cumano (Institut Pasteur),
J. Gros (Institut Pasteur),
P. Herbomel (Institut Pasteur),
F. Langa-Vives (Institut Pasteur),
V. Ponticelli (Institut Pasteur),
M. Sala (Institut Pasteur),​
F. Schweisguth (Institut Pasteur),
S. Tajbakhsh (Institut Pasteur),
H. Waxin( Institut Pasteur).


Practical information


Title of the course

Advances in stem cell biology


François Schweisguth

Genetics and development of Drosophila Unit

CNRS, URA 2578

Institut Pasteur


Shahragim Tajbakhsh

Stem cells and development unit

Institut Pasteur

Head of studies

Glenda Comai

Stem cells and development unit

Institut Pasteur






2 weeks


June 26-July 8 (saturday) 2017

Closing date for application

31st March, 2017


Institut Pasteur Diploma


Attending the course can be validated as "module d'école doctorale" for students registered at partner universities.



On line registration

Registration fees

There are limited funds available for travel financial assistance.


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