Mechanisms of Living Organisms theme  

Nine courses focusing on the fundamental mechanisms of life in all living organisms, from the molecule to the cell, through to the whole organism.


  • Advanced immunology

    This five-week intensive laboratory and lecture course presents advanced studies on the main themes in cellular and molecular immunology.

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  • Advances in stem cell biology

    This two-week course combines lectures and practical sessions to leading edge technologies and questions in stem cells biology in the context of organogenesis and regeneration in different organisms.

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  • Analyse des génomes

    Ce cours théorique et pratique d’une durée de sept semaines fait le tour des concepts, techniques et outils nécessaires à l'étude des génomes, des étapes expérimentales à l’analyse des résultats. Il illustre les différents aspects de la génomique et de ses applications en se basant sur les résultats les plus récents de la recherche.

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  • Biochimie des protéines

    Ce cours théorique et pratique de six semaines est focalisé sur l'étude des relations entre la structure et la fonction des protéines.

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  • Development and plasticity of the nervous system

    This five-week intensive laboratory and lecture course covers the main cutting-edge topics in neuroscience research.

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  • Frontiers in Biological Psychiatry

    This one-week course presents a combination of lectures and tutorial sessions to guide participants through methodological approaches and most up-to-date openings in psychiatry.

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  • Génétique cellulaire et moléculaire

    Ce cours théorique et technique de sept semaines aborde les aspects conceptuels et techniques de la génétique somatique et germinale et de l'épigénétique.

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  • Molecular biology of the cell

    This five-week intensive laboratory and lecture course is organized in collaboration with the Institut Curie; it is devoted to the presentation of current concepts and new experimental techniques in the study of cellular functions.

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  • Mouse genetics

    This five-week intensive laboratory and lecture course covers the analysis of gene function at all levels: the gene and its product, the cell and its interactions, the embryonic tissues and the entire animal.

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  • Multiple roles of RNAs

    This two-weeks theorical and practical course presents RNAs in their diverse forms, from synthesis and maturation to degradation, and multiple roles in gene expression.

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Updated on 02/07/2013

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