Ceremony for newly graduated students

Since 2013, the Institut Pasteur organizes each year a ceremony for the students who have graduated during the year. This both solemn and festive event is open to all people working on campus and to family and friends of the newly graduated students, as well as representatives of partner organizations.


The ceremony is inaugurated by an honorary guest who speaks about general themes such as the practice of science, the processes of discovery in research and his/her personal career. Each graduate has one minute and one slide to present him/herself and his/her thesis project. A certificate of the Institut Pasteur is awarded to each graduate on this occasion. The ceremony closes with a friendly moment with a buffet.


The 2013 ceremony was held on September 30th, in the presence of Jules Hoffmann, recipient of the CNRS Gold Medal and the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (2011). 


The 2014 ceremony was held on December 12th, 2014, in the presence of Cédric Villlani, recipient of the Fields Medal (2010).


The 2015 ceremony was held on December 11th 2015, in the presence of Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (2008).


The 2016 ceremony will be held on December 16th 2016, in the presence of Alim-Louis Benabid, recipient of the Lasker Prize 2014 and the Breakthrough Prize 2015.



The organizing committee



Friederike Jönsson, Guy-Franck Richard, Sylvie Malot and Laura Sinigaglia


Contact: ipgraduation@pasteur.fr



Updated on 14/03/2016