Supplementary data fom manuscripts

Partial inhibiton of HIV replication by type-1 IFN : impact of cell-to-cell viral transfer .

Vendrame et al. Journal of Virology 2009.

Supplementary figures 1-3



HIV-1 Nef inhibits ruffles, induces filopodia and modulates migration of intected lymphocytes .

Nobile C. et al. Journal of Virology 2009.

Supplementary figures 1-3  PDF
Supplementary movie 1: non infected actin-GFP Jurkat cells
Supplementary movie 2: Nef- expressing actin-GFP Jurkat  cells



Preclinical studies of an MVA-based HIV candidate vaccine : antigen presentation and antiviral effect.

Brandler et al, Journal of Virology 2010.

Supplementary PDF


HIV virological synapse : live transmission - Jérôme Feldmann et Olivier Schwartz - Viruses 2010

movie 1: Formation and dynamics of HIV virological synapse
movie 2: Live imaging of HIV transmission


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We are based at the Pasteur Institute in Paris (France) 28, rue du Dr Roux, close to the "Pasteur" and "Volontaires" metro stations.

Our lab is located on the 4th floor of the Lwoff building (building n° 22 on the map below). 



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