Our facilities

A biosafety level 3 laboratory (BSL-3), located in the “Nicolle” building, is the heart of our activities. This facility is unique in France and in Europe, with two rooms with appropriate conditions for maintaining mosquitoes after oral infection. It is dedicated to experimental infections of mosquitoes with arboviruses. We currently manipulate five arboviruses: dengue, chikungunya, West-Nile, yellow fever and Rift valley fever viruses. We raise mosquitoes required for our experiments in other insectaries located in the “Pasteur Biotop” building.




We combine precise experimental assessments of vector competence and field investigations on vector ecology to direct the choice of populations to be analysed. Laboratory colonization of field-collected mosquito populations, experimental infections in BSL-3 laboratory, tracking of virus in the course of infection within the vector using viral quantification (quantitative RT-PCR, plaque assays, GFP-infectious clone..) and visualisation (electronic microscopy, histological examination, confocal microscopy) are some aspects that we handle easily. This expertise has been recognized through our participation to the Laboratory of Excellence (Labex) IBEID for Integrative Biology of Emerging Infectious Diseases.



Updated on 20/01/2014