NMR spectroscopy

Two NMR spectrometers with 11.7 and 14 Tesla magnets (500 MHz and 600 MHz), well suited for study of biomolecules are currently in use in the lab. They were upgraded in 2009. Both spectrometers are equipped with four channels (1H, 13C, 15N, 2H).

The Varian NMR System 600 spectrometer is equipped with the latest generation 5 mm triple resonance 1H{13C/15N} cryoprobe with increased sensitivity for both 1H and 13C.

The Varian NMR System 500 spectrometer is equipped with several probes (triple resonance, broadband, indirect detection).


The wet-lab, other facilities

We are currently using different tools for the expression, purification and biochemical characterisation of proteins.
The lab’s facilities include absorption and fluorescence spectrometers.
We have the practical knowledge and an access to numerous technical resources available at several Institut Pasteur’s technological platforms. Among them, the Biophysics Platform (microcalorimetry, circular dichroïsm, infrared spectroscopy, fluorescence, surface plasmon resonance…), Protein Microsequencing and Analysis, Production of Recombinant Proteins or Proteomics.

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NMR of Biomolecules
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