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Tsetse flies are dissected and the presence of parasites is searched in various organs.





Flies are bred in specific cages and lay third instar larvae that are collected and will transform in pupae.



Our lab is equipped with two epifluorescence microscopes that are used for observation of either fixed or live trypanosomes. Fluorescent proteins can be excited with an LED source and signals are detected with an EMCDD camera.

Updated on 22/05/2014


18-07-2014 Brice is awarded an ANR "Jeunes Chercheurs" grant (Young Scientists)! Only 8% of the applications were funded.


17-07-2014 Eloïse is awarded a doctoral fellowship to study flagellum length regulation and IFT loading



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We and 3 other European groups are organising the 2nd European Cilia meeting in Paris.


We are coordinators of the French network GDR CILS that groups 30 teams throughout France working on cilia and flagella in diverse species.


The third Trypanosomatid meeting will be held at the Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle.



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