01-04-2015 Arrival of Estafania Calvo-Alvarez who will work as post-doctoral fellow under Brice's guidance to investigate interactions  between trypanosomes and their environment in vivo.


31-03-2015 A report summarising the main highlights of the Cilia 2014 meeting has been published in Cilia and is now available at:


26-02-2015 The video describing sleeping sickness is now available with English subtitles.


02-02-2015  Eugénie, BSc student, joins our lab for four months. 


08-01-2015 Brice and Philippe published a "spotlight" on the possible significance of social motility in trypanosomes





31-12-2014 Julien's paper on the use of a nanobody to label the paraflagellar rod has been published in PloS One


10-12-2014 Our project on IFT172 has been accepted for funding by the ANR and the DFG. It is an international collaboration with the laboratory of Esben Lorentzen (Max Planck Institute Munich)


21-11-2014 Cécile and Philippe published a general review on axoneme formation in Médecine/Science


01-10-2014 Arrival of Shahaan Shafiq from the University of Keele. He will investigate the peculiarities of the IFT22/RABL5 protein under the supervision of Cécile.


01-10-2014 Return of Eloïse Bertiaux (after her Master thesis) who is starting her PhD investigating flagellum length in trypanosomes.


18-07-2014 Brice is awarded an ANR "Jeunes Chercheurs" grant (Young Scientists)! Only 8% of the applications were funded.


17-07-2014 Eloïse is awarded a doctoral fellowship to study flagellum length regulation and IFT loading


02-07-14 Thierry's paper describing the functioning of the IFT dynein motor is now published in Molecular Biology of the Cell.


05-06-2014 Sabrina Absalon visits the department and will give a talk on 3rd  July at 12:00. Sabrina got her PhD in our lab in 2007 and now works in Harvard on Plasmodium egress from red blood cells.


04-05-2014 The genome of the tsetse fly has been published in Science. Philippe was interviewed by Radio-Canada on this topic (in French)


26-04-2014 Diego's paper on IFT27 is now accessible on-line at

16-04-2014 Our paper describing the full proteome of intact flagella of procyclic trypanosomes has been published in Molecular and Cellular Proteomics. It reveals an amazing diversity of protein sub-localisation and dynamics.


03-04-2014 Diego's work revealing that IFT27 is involved in retrograde IFT transport has just been accepted in eLife! Check here for more information soon.


02-04-2014 Registration for the Cilia2014 meeting is now open. Come and join us for what promises to be an exciting conference!


01-04-2014 Brice, Cécile and Eloïse will participate to the BSP meeting in Cambridge this month.


19-03-2014 Cécile and Philippe published an invited comment on the recent manuscript by Marshall and co-workers on the role of the IFT56/PIFTC3 protein in the transport of cargo proteins in motile flagella


03-03-2014 Arrival of Christelle Travaillé who is funded by the LabEx IBEID for a 3 year post-doctoral project on the early phase of trypanosome infection.


03-02-2014 Arrival of Norus Ahmed who comes from the University of Keele for a 7-month project. He will work with Julien on protein import in the trypanosome flagellum.


01-01-2014 Julien is awarded a Carnot post-doctoral fellowship to stay in the lab for one more year.


09-01-2014  New year's party in the lab! But last day for Diego who will fly soon to the Whitehead Institute in Boston for a post-doc on Toxoplasma. 

01-01-2014  The project about the flagellum attachment zone structure initiated in 2007 finally led to a publication in JCS!!! Happy new year!




13-12-2013  Benjamin also left us to join the IFREMER station in La Tremblade where he obtained a permanent position. Last "dégustation" of oysters and foie gras.

10-12-2013  CP, Benjamin and Brice are awarded as the best sprinter team of the 'Pédalons pour Pasteur' charity campaign! Ready for the next Tour de France...



06-12-2013  Time for departure has come... Sarah and CP are leaving us. Sarah will integrate the Würzburg University for a Master thesis and CP the Imperial College in London as a postdoc.

01-12-2013  Arrival of Eloïse Bertiaux from the Pasteur Microbiology Course. She will spend 7 months with us working with Brice on her Master thesis.

29-11-2013  Publication of Benjamin's review on IFT in Trypanosoma and Chlamydomonas in Cilia.

13-11-2013  Publication of CP's review on trypanosome morphology in the Brice's special issue.

30-10-2013 Brice coordinated a special issue entitled 'New insights in the interactions between African trypanosomes and tsetse flies' recently published in Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology (

18-10-2013  Brice's paper on the role of trypanosome motility in the tsetse fly is released online by Cellular Microbiology.


18-10-2013 Sylvie and Thierry won the awards for the best images in transmission and scanning electron microscopy respectively in the competition organised by the Imagopole.


09-09-2013 Arrival of Sarah Schuster from the University of Würzburg (Germany). She will spend 3 months with us working with Brice.

02-09-2013 Diego's viva will take place on Friday 27th September at 2 pm in the auditorium of the Centre François Jacob. The members of the jury will participate to a symposium dedicated to IFT on Thursday 26th afternoon (click here for symposium programme).

31-08-2013 In collaboration with Jakke Van Den Abeele, Brice is editing a special issue of Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology entitled "New insights in the interactions between African trypanosomes and tsetse flies"

30-08-2013 The work of Cécile and Thierry on IFT81 is published in Science (link with publication: It stemmed from an exciting collaboration with the group of Esben Lorentzen at the Max Planck Institute.

19-07-2013 A new record for Brice, Christina, Benjamin, CP and Philippe with over 40 km!

12-07-2013 Benjamin almost blew up the bike in the sprint...

05-07-2013 Our team cycled for 19 km for the 'Pédalons pour Pasteur' charity campaign. Congratulations to Diego, Julien, Benjamin and Philippe who sweated for the Institute! (and we narrowly defeated Paola's team...)

01-07-2013 Arrival of Christina Georgikou who is coming from the University of Crete (Greece) for a 3-month project with CP.

28-06-2013 Thierry is awarded the "Médaille d'honneur du travail"!

13-06-2013 Philippe is awarded the Pasteur Vallery-Radot prize at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France. This prize is attributed to two young scientists working at the Institut Pasteur for "major scientific work in biology, chemistry or physics". The other laureate was Carla Saleh. The ceremony took place at the Hotel Tubeuf and was chaired by Jacqueline Sanson (director of BNF) and Philippe Sansonetti (member of the Académie des sciences).


31-05-2013 The new LED system is operational. This type of light source is very efficient in exciting fluorescent proteins and allows the monitoring IFT on a relatively simple epifluorescence microscope.

10-03-2013 Philippe has been nominated as chair of the next European meeting on cilia and flagella that will take place at Institut Pasteur from the 18th to the 21st of November 2014.

28-01-2013 Johanna's paper highlighted by Journal of Cell Science (it was the second highest down-load of October!).

16-01-2013 Philippe is awarded the Georges Zermati prize.




15-11-2012 Sylvain Trépout joins the lab.  Sylvain is funded by a collaborative ANR grant between our group and the team of Sergio Marco and Anne-Marie Tassin (Institut Curie, Orsay).  He is studying the structure of IFT particles by electron microscopy.

03-10-2012 Diego is awarded an FRM fellowship to complete his PhD on the role of small G proteins in IFT.  His viva should take place at the end of September 2013.

01-10-2012 Welcome to Cécile Fort who is starting today her PhD aimed at deciphering the intercations between IFT proteins and flagellar microtubules.  She is registered at the Doctoral School iViv.

21-09-2012 Johanna's paper "Intraflagellar transport proteins cycle between the flagellum and its base" has been accepted for publication.  It covers one of the main chapters of her thesis.

03-09-2012 Welcome to Benjamin Morga and Julien Santi-Rocca who are both starting today in the lab.  They are going to investigate the mechanisms of flagellum formation.

03-08-2012 It was Laetitia's last day.  She obtained a lecturer position at the University Pierre and Marie Curie in Paris where she will start in September.

06-07-2012 Cécile Fort has been awarded a doctoral fellowship to study the path of intraflagellar transport. Cécile got her Master in Imaging in Rouen and has worked at Institut Cochin and Institut Curie mastering both light and electron microscopy.

06-06-2012 Diego won an award for best talk at the Parasitology and Mycology Departmental Retreat!

14-05-2012 It's a good time for post-docs! Julien Santi-Rocca has just secured an FRM post-doctoral fellowship and will also start in September.

11-05-2012 Benjamin Morga is awarded a Roux post-doctoral fellowship to join our group from September to investigate the molecular motors driving IFT in trypanosomes

27-03-2012 The NUP-1 paper is published by the group of Mark Field in PLoS Biology. Johanna contributed by doing all the FRAP experiments.

30-01-2012 Brice's paper on asymmetric division of trypanosomes in the salivary glands is accepted in Development.




02-11-2011 Welcome to Cher-Pheng Ooi who is joining the lab to study trypanosome development in the tsetse fly. He did his PhD in Liverpool under the supervision of Michale Lehane and is funded by an "Ile-de-France" fellowship.

12-10-2011 Ines got her PhD at the University of Wurzburg where she is now going to work as a post-doctoral fellow.

28-09-2011 Thierry won the best poster award at the Cell Biology Department Meeting in Vichy.

15-09-2011 The work of Ines on ALBA proteins has just been accepted in Molecular Biology of the Cell.

09-09-2011 Johanna successfully defended her thesis in front of an international jury.

12-07-2011 Brice obtains an "Assistant de Recherche" position at the Institut Pasteur!

03-07-2011 Johanna awarded a Pasteur-Weizmann fellowship for the last 2 months of her PhD.

01-07-2011 Welcome to Sylvie Perrot who joins us as an IP technician. She is going to bring her expertise in electron microscopy and in entomology.




29-09-2010 Johanna awarded an FRM fellowship to complete her PhD.

09-2010 Johanna’s review published in Microbiology Monographs. This review covers mostly morphological aspects of the trypanosome flagellum and contains novel electron micrographs acquired by Johanna. 

08-2010 Daria awarded a price for “Best-Poster” at the Faseb meeting on cilia and flagella, Saxtons Rivers, VT, USA. 

08-2010 Special issue of Current Opinion in Microbiology on the flagellum of parasitic species, edited by Philippe, with exciting reviews on flagella from trypanosomes, Leishmania, Giardia and the male gamete of Plasmodium 

06-2010 Thierry promoted Ingénieur 3 (via a “concours”), congratulations!

Updated on 09/04/2015


01-04-15 Arrival of Estafania Calvo-Alvarez who will work as post-doctoral fellow under Brice's guidance to investigate interactions  between trypanosomes and their environment in vivo.


31-03-15 A report summarising the main highlights of the Cilia 2014 meeting has been published in Cilia and is now available at:


19-03-15 Our review describing approaches to study intraflagellar transport in trypanosomes has just been published in Methods in Cell Biology


26-02-15 The video describing sleeping sickness is now available with English subtitles.


02-02-15  Eugénie, BSc student, joins our lab for four months. 


08-01-2015 Brice and Philippe published a "spotlight" on the possible significance of social motility in trypanosomes




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We and 3 other European groups have organised the 2nd European Cilia meeting in Paris.

The meeting was an impressive success with more than 400 delegates coming from 27 countries. Julien and Cécile gave oral presentations and Eloïse presented a poster.

The next meeting will take place in Amsterdam from 4th to 7th October 2016. 

logogdr.jpgWe are coordinators of the French network GDR CILS that groups 30 teams throughout France working on cilia and flagella in diverse species. 


The next meeting will take place in Strasbourg from 12th to 14th October 2015

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