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28th February is World Rare Disease Day whose aim is to raise awareness amongst the general public and decision-makers about rare diseases. Among them, ciliopathies altogether affect up to 1 in 400 individuals in Europe.


Le 28 février est la journée internationale des maladies rares, dont le but est de sensibiliser le public et les sponsors au sujet des maladies rares. Parmi elles, les ciliopathies affectent environ un individu sur 400 en Europe.





A short video with English subtitles on sleeping sickness can be viewed here.



Un numéro spécial de Médecine/Science traitant des cils et des ciliopathies vient d'être publié en français.

Il comprend une douzaine d'articles décrivant les cils et les maladies associées, y compris un article de Cécile et Philippe sur les différents modes de formation des cils et flagelles.



Les maladies génétiques des cils et des flagelles


La maladie du sommeil (Trypanosomiase humaine africaine)

Updated on 19/03/2015

logogdr.jpgWe are coordinators of the French network GDR CILS that groups 30 teams throughout France working on cilia and flagella in diverse species. 


The next meeting will take place in Strasbourg from 12th to 14th October 2015


15-07-2015 Together with Christian Mitri (IP Paris) and M. Diallo (IP Dakar), Brice is awarded a PTR grant from the Institut Pasteur for the VeCoInf international program.


10-07-2015 We are awarded an "Equipe FRM 2015" grant that will support our research on intraflagellar transport. Postdoctoral funding will be available soon.


12-05-2015 Cécile is awarded a FRM fellowship to complete her thesis. This will allow to finish her two exciting projects on the role of IFT in mature flagella and on the positioning of IFT trains along axonemal microtubules.


01-04-15 Arrival of Estafania Calvo-Alvarez who will work as post-doctoral fellow under Brice's guidance to investigate interactions  between trypanosomes and their environment in vivo.



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We and 3 other European groups have organised the 2nd European Cilia meeting in Paris.

The meeting was an impressive success with more than 400 delegates coming from 27 countries. Julien and Cécile gave oral presentations and Eloïse presented a poster.

The next meeting will take place in Amsterdam from 4th to 7th October 2016. 

Next department seminar

9th july 2015


Dr Kiaran Kirk


College of Medicine, Biology & Environment

The Australian National University, Canberra - Australie

Targeting ion transport in the malaria parasite with new-generation antimalarials


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