Trypanosome Cell Biology



Our lab is studying the role and functioning of the trypanosome flagellum, with perspectives in the field of both parasitology and genetic diseases.


Indeed, trypanosomes are significant parasites of man and cattle in central Africa and there are currently no efficient vaccines against them. Moreover, trypanosomes are also an excellent model to study human genetic diseases due to defects in cilia and flagella.




Our lab is a Pasteur full research unit and is affiliated to the Department of Parasites and Insect Vectors  and the Department of Cell Biology and Infection. We also belong to a larger CNRS unit (URA2581, headed by Artur Scherf) that involves three other teams working on Plasmodium and on Leishmania.



01-10-2014 Arrival of Shahaan Shafiq from the University of Keele. He will investigate the peculiarities of the IFT22/RABL5 protein under the supervision of Cécile.

01-10-2014 Return of Eloïse Bertiaux (after her Master thesis) who is starting her PhD investigating flagellum length in trypanosomes.


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cilia2014_logo.jpgWe and 3 other European groups are organising the 2nd European Cilia meeting in Paris.


The meeting is getting tremendous interest with 320 registered participants and 200 submitted abstracts !

logogdr.jpgWe are coordinators of the French network GDR CILS that groups 30 teams throughout France working on cilia and flagella in diverse species. 

meeting_trypanosomatids_mnhn.jpgThe third Trypanosomatid meeting will be held at the Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle.


The full program is now available

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The lab is located on the first floor of the Nicolle building, n°65 on the Map of Institut Pasteur

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