Updated on 18/02/2014

Our unit is a member of the Inserm U1201 unit, as well as a CNRS "Equipe de recherche labellisée" (ERL 9195).  It is also a member of the French Network of Excellence on Parasitology (LabEx) ParaFrap whose scientific directors are Frédéric Bringaud, Artur Scherf and Stan Tomavo.



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Biology of Host Parasite Interactions Unit
Institut Pasteur
25 rue du Docteur Roux
75724 Paris cedex 15

tel. +33 1 45 68 86 16 (Artur SCHERF)
tel. +33 1 45 68 86 27 (secretary)
fax. +33 1 45 68 83 48

The lab is located on the second floor of the Nicolle Buidling (n°65 on the Map of Institut Pasteur)



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