Family Turriviridae





Species : Sulfolobus turreted virus 2, STIV2 ; circular double-stranded DNA 16,622 bp, GeneBank sequence acc. no. GU080336.1.




(A) Cryo-electron micrograph of  Sulfolobus turreted icosahedral virus 2, STIV2; scale bar, 100 nm. (B,C) A radially depth-cued isosurface representation of the 20-Å-resolution STIV2 reconstruction viewed down a 2-fold symmetry axis. Symmetry axes are indicated by a white ellipse (2-fold), triangle (3-fold), and pentagon (5-fold).  


The overall morphology of the virions (icosahedral with an internal membrane layer) resembles that of bacterial viruses from the families Tectiviridae and Corticoviridae; however, the turreted structure of the icosahedral virion is unique and the virion is built on a pseudo-T = 31 icosahedral lattice.


Happonen L. Redder P, Peng X, Schleper C, Prangishvili D, and Butcher SJ. 2010. Familial relationships in hyperthermo- and acidophilic archaeal viruses. J. Virol  84: 4747-4754.


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